Why Page Speed is Important

Let me first state this, “page speed is important factor up to a certain point”.  This is to clear up some issues that I’ve written on my previous post. Still, just to reiterate, Google started to incorporate the loading of your site on as one of the basis in search ranking. So I encourage you to start looking at your blog or website’s loading speeding.

Why Page Speed is Important?

Quick loading site can make your online  presence better than the competition’s.  Who wants a website that is lagging behind anyway? Most websites are losing bucket loads of visitors because they can’t see the information they are looking right away. People want fast access to data. Between two similar pages with almost the same content, I assure you that an internet user will flock to the pages that load faster.

To be honest, I personally feel irritated when blog sites are slow loading.

So I think,  page speed is important not only it’s now one of Google’s signal in search ranking system but it boils down to making your visitors happy. Yes, it’s simple as that. Page speed improves how users perceive your site.

I already gave 7 tips on how to optimize your blog/site speed on my previous post. Go on, read my previous post if you haven’t done it.

Availability of  your Site

Availability affect the speed of your  blog/site pages . This is where choosing and using the right web hosting provider is a factor to consider.  Looking for the best web host is not an easy task. There are many things you have to consider even for something that looks simple. There are so many web hosts out there who will promise you earth shattering hosting packages such as giving you the cheapest price. But remember, choosing the expensive one is by no means the best either.

Choosing the best web hosting provider available to serve your needs is  a tiresome and grueling process. My ultimate recommendations are:

  1. Ask your colleagues. Ask your fellow bloggers and/or webmaster who are in the industry for some time already. They are the best resources on where to find the best web hosting provider.
  2. Check  out web hosting directory sites and read  the reviews.  You can read the recommendation and testimonials of different clients that are using their services already.

Note that there are web hosting rating sites that are biased on their reviews but there are neutral review sites that do exist as well.

When looking for a host make sure to look for the dependability, sound customer support systems in place and the one that can provide the speed.


  • Comment by Summers In Love |

    I used Page Speed Tool, and other tips but my page rank is still unavailable. I searched for my url and I saw it, so I’m not banned. But I still can’t get the hang of increasing that rank.

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  • Comment by jay |

    nice sharing bro..thought my blog host in HG still sometimes i find my blog’s page load slowly i still don’t get what’s the problem

  • Comment by eric |

    you are right jay, your site is a bit slow. try to change your the theme of your blog.

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