Vacation with My New Mistress

vacation I’ll be on leave for 12 days.  This is  another much needed vacation that I’ve been waiting for. Not only for me but for my whole  family and ahemm… my new mistress.

Therefore, you won’t see any update on my blog until October 4 but please  do me a big favor.

Keep visiting my blog while I’m gone, will you? I just love the fact that somebody is watching over my “house” while I’m gone. At least I feel secured.

And in doing so, I’ll be giving you a big FAVOR too:

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I’m actually leaving tonight with my family and new mistress. I’ll post about my honeymoon with my new mistress when I come back.

Talk soon…


  • Comment by jen |

    wow, you already have your new mistress? cool

    I will grab /download the Ebook, thanks for sharing..

    And Im looking forward to win that free ad from Adgitize…

  • Comment by Mys |

    Don’t forget to be back for Oct. 10, it’s the launch of my contest. Hope to win the adgitize coupon. Wishing that my luck would change

  • Comment by vernz |

    Hi Eric, wow.. vacation grande kana naman … I wonder If i can go on vacation with my new man too, lol… hahaha..

    Thanks for the ebook just finished downloading it…

    BTW, I’m sharing this to my readers… (kahit konti) … have blogged this here..

    Have a nice time Eric… all the best regards to your family ..especially your new mistress.. hehhe..

  • Comment by kayce |

    Hi there Eric! I also grabbed your free SEO E-book and I just finish downloading it.

    I am also looking forward of your memorable photos with your family and some honeymoon photos of your mistress… hehehe!

    Enjoy and Have Fun!

  • Comment by Paris Accommodation |

    I’d say that, you share your photos really show a great holiday and cool,I think that vacation is the relaxation to relieve the stress, problems in daily life. and I find that if you go to relax with loved ones along with it would be great. Thank you for sharing information.

  • Comment by DanM |

    If it’s a vacation why bring your mistress? It’s too much stress to keep happy the mistress and the family 🙂

  • Comment by Noel |

    Wow! I would like to join this special promo! I feel jealous now because my family loves to have vacation right now. Only problem is my son’s class just started (British Curriculum). Glad you have a new mistress. I’ve been busy lately, I wasn’t able to visit much.

    By the way, my contest was a success. I got my PR1. Thank you very much for being part of it. I would like to follow-up to you about the prizes you and your wife have sponsored. You can check out the details here.

    By the way. Thank you for this e-book. I’ll be downloading it since I am studying about this.

    • Comment by eric |

      Congratulations for a successful contest, Noel and belated happy birthday to your lovely wife!

      I was actually looking for the list of winners so I can send them their prizes.

  • Comment by mona |

    I am late? Well hope not, its 4 october already and by this time you already back from your vacation, happy to read more updates here in your blog especially your honeymoon heheh .. by the way thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Comment by eric |

      Mona, don’t you worry I included your name unfortunately you did not win the top prize but I have something for you as well.

  • Comment by Mummy Jenkins |

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