Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs – Philippines

Emerging adj. Newly formed or just coming into prominence;

Influential n. One that is of considerable importance or influence;

From these two words alone, you can clearly see that BlogDeManila’s (BDM) 2009 Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in the Philippines will not only dominate the blogoshere community but whose opinions and actions will strongly influence the geography of bloggers.

Yes, these  bloggers  are making waves and shaking the industry. They move and arouse the public feeling.

Here is BDM picks for Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2009

  1. The Struggling Blogger
  2. – The father of 16 blogs and counting! A loving father cum mother to his 3 children whose  “influence” brought him to various television appearances.  I’ m one of those who voted for him to win a contest for a free webhost way back in December 2008 and he won the first prize! I hope and pray that he will win again this time.

  3. I Love Hate/America
  4. – Not just a simple blogger but a fighter! Her posts will surely keep you glued to your seat. Controversies, intrigues? Yes, her blog is full of them. She almost quit blogging but because of her fighting and never-say-die attitude, instead of quitting she opened another blog.

  5. Writing To Exhale
  6. – If writing is God’s given talent then this blogger is one those whose blessings is overflowing.  If you let me define the word “Influence” as charisma, that’s what Jan has. He can sway you with his use of words alone. And this is his strong point. Hey Jan, can you share your talents? Please!

  7. Zorlone
  8. – A student of Shakespeare who has the power to swing you in melody of his poetry.  A doctor of medicine in real life  whose specialty is Internal Medicine. His blog’s name is actually an anagram of his name. Can you guess it?

  9. Father Blogger
  10. – Who would have thought that a self-made street child is now making his presence known in blogosphere? His influence even gave him the opportunity to be featured in Manila Bulletin, one of the biggest newspaper in the Philippines. You can still read the online version of his interview at

  11. Tales From The Mom Side
  12. – A romantic wife to her awesome tech-wiz husband whom she’d met since 2nd grade and a mom to her 10-year old boy. Just like any mom’s blog that started from writing post about mom, her influence in blogging is starting to show by just checking the various subjects she’s writing – from environment, real estate, gadgets, environment and even tips on how to get traffic in blogging! Do you want to know more about her? Check her personality test here.

  13. Social Media Philippines
  14. – Do you want to be a serious blogger? I mean to be someone with authority? If you don’t know where to start and get the resources, there’s no need to fret. Social Media Philippines is a resource hub for social media tips, strategies and tools for individuals, organizations and business. This blog is being managed by my “Cabalen” Rob  Angeles with the help of Abbey Yap.

  15. Home Buddies
  16. -A total stranger until she started to pour comments on BDM. A very nice lady who is very supportive to her BF (or hunny?). You’ve got to visit her blog in order to appreciate her perspective about life and struggles into keeping fit while being a mom to her hyper tot.

  17. Dear Bloggery
  18. – Have you seen a sparkling snow? That’s what Snow is to her friends. Her blog which is a mixed reviews of celebrity news, sports, current events and being a mom is currently holding the 64th slot among  the top 100 blogs of

  19. Adaphobic
  20. – If you are looking for a PR girl and a photographer at the same time to cover your events, then look no farther. Our nominee no. 10 has all the talents that I’ve just mentioned. She likes attending events like press conferences,  product launches, exhibits, food events and whatever events happening in town with her ever-ready camera on hand.

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So there you go. I won’t mind at all if these blogger-superstars will forget to mention my name during the awarding nights. They all richly deserve the spotlight!


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