Why Do Successful Online Entrepreneurs Choose Bluehost

A lot of successful online business owners prefer Bluehost as their number one choice when it comes to hosting their sites. Instead of charging you for each services offered, Bluehost provides a number of their services for free! In fact, Bluehost offers only one low monthly fee for their shared hosting packages. You can actually […]

How To Recover Your Lost Published Posts Or Even The Whole Blog

I admit it. I sucked, and I failed big. It’s hard to accept the fact that someone like me who is a preacher of backing up data lost  collectively more than a hundred posts. It’s one of the niche site where I am the administrator. The owner of the site just shook his head in […]

Are You Sure There is Unlimited Web Hosting Space and BandWidth?

I was having dinner with my wife together with my father in a now popular restaurant that offers Unlimited Rice. For those of who you who are in the Philippines, I’m pretty sure that you are familiar with this restaurant. Anyway, I was already half-way through eating my juicy barbecue chicken when my wife reminded […]

Working During Non-Working Day

Today is National’ Heroes Day in the Philippines. It commemorates the celebration of the national heroes. This day falls every last Monday of August. The president of the land usually declares this day as a non-working – meaning it’s a vacation day! Unfortunately, I was not able to take advantage on this so-called vacation day. […]

Just Got Back From Hong Kong

Whew! Time flies so fast! I had a great time in Hong Kong with my family and my in-laws.  There were 14 of us in all. My kids really enjoyed the vacation so much that they don’t want to go home anymore. My 4-year old son even wants to stay in Ocean Park and live […]

Hosting Your OWN Blog

If you noticed the title of my post ” Hosting your OWN Blog”, I capitalized the word “OWN”. Let me clarify this, the word “OWN” doesn’t mean buying your own hardware and setup your own web hosting in your house.  What I mean is, if you seriously want to be a blogger (read: make money […]