Things To Consider When Starting an Affiliate Marketing Promotion

After posting my previous post on “5 Top Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best “Make Money Online” Strategy“, I received a couple of emails asking me on how they can promote their products online without spending much. Well, I did not lecture them on budgeting because that’s not my forte but instead I shared […]

5 Top Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best “Make Money Online” Strategy

If you are looking for the easiest, if not the best online money maker out there, I encourage you to look at affiliate marketing.  I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing for almost 5 years now and I can personally testify that it’s top most online money making for me. Affiliate marketing is where you promote  […]

Blog De Manila Detour

Detour noun a roundabout way; deviation from a direct way a route used when the direct or regular route is closed to traffic departure from an established ideology or party line Yes, my dear readers, BlogDeManila is deviating from it’s mission. BlogDeManila was established on September 2008. After 3 long years of” blogging for bloggers,” […]

Do What You Want To Do… Now!

Perhaps you noticed that I haven’t posted anything about blogging in all my previous posts.  The last topic that I’ve written about blogging was my article on Google PageRank Update which is almost a 2-month old post already. To tell you frankly, I’m was busy with 3 things. 1. I just accomplished my first ever […]

20th Payment From Adgitize

July 2010 payment from Adgitize is my 20th already. I was planning to  rephrase the title of this post to – “Received a Gross Profit of $403.87 from Adgitize“. I’ll tell you why. I just came back from Bohol and upon browsing my emails I saw the payment notification from PayPal . It’s not really […]

Visa Debit Cardholders Promo of Unionbank

UnionBank of the Philippines is having a promo for all their Visa Debit Cardholders such as EON, E-Wallet, ePayCard, GSIS, EZ Cash with a VISA Flag. There are actually 2 ways to win and 2 prizes as well. Use your card at eBay and get a 5% rebate for all purchases. Link your card to […]

Paypal Minimum Withdrawal Amounts

A friend of mine who is into paid surveys called and asked for my help. She wanted to get some of her earnings –  a small amount since she’s still new in “making money online“.  She just wanted to test if she can really withdraw money from PayPal. She informed me that she seek  my […]