Free WordPress Installation…Read On

I felt good this morning because I was able to clear (read “solved”) the webhost problem of one of my clients last night. To celebrate the joy, I woke up very early and went for a 5-mile jog so I still have time to see my kids off  to school. To continue the momentum, I’m […]

Investing on Health and Wealth

If you have noticed this blog wasn’t updated for 6 months already. Well, the fact is my schedule was tied up with different offline and online activities. Just to name a few: 1. Busy helping my brother-in-law in purchasing some few acres of land for a Bee Farm which both of us are passionate about. […]

My Favorite and Most Reliable Webhosts for Blogging

I already announced to one of my FB groups that I’m giving away free WordPress webhosting. A lot of the members in the group “LIKED” my comment but I also received questions regarding the webhosts that I’m using. I answered them a lengthy comment which I want to share here in my post. Being in […]

GoDaddy $1 Dollar Domain and Other Discount Coupons

I couldn’t believe my luck today when I was able to register a domain name for US$1 only. You’ve read it right. A client of mine wants to register a domain for their bike tour project. Good thing the domain is still available and I  was able to snagged the promo. Actually, I renewed my […]

HostGator Promo – 50% OFF on ALL Hosting Services

Whats’ with Black Friday?  A lot of company are into “giving” mood. Is it because of the Thanksgiving day? Well, let’s hope everyday is Thanksgiving day. I have received tons of emails about big sales on different products including services, software, WordPress themes, cheap airline tickets, domain name, vitamins and web hosting from ever reliable […]

7 Reasons Why I’m Using WordPress?

When I first installed WordPress more than 4 years ago on my 2nd blog, I admit that I fell in love with it.  It’s what you call “love at first sight”. Since then, there’s no turning back for me. Being an I.T. consultant for more than a decade already, I’ve used various tools in developing […]