Why Do Successful Online Entrepreneurs Choose Bluehost

A lot of successful online business owners prefer Bluehost as their number one choice when it comes to hosting their sites. Instead of charging you for each services offered, Bluehost provides a number of their services for free! In fact, Bluehost offers only one low monthly fee for their shared hosting packages. You can actually […]

Investing on Health and Wealth

If you have noticed this blog wasn’t updated for 6 months already. Well, the fact is my schedule was tied up with different offline and online activities. Just to name a few: 1. Busy helping my brother-in-law in purchasing some few acres of land for a Bee Farm which both of us are passionate about. […]

My Favorite and Most Reliable Webhosts for Blogging

I already announced to one of my FB groups that I’m giving away free WordPress webhosting. A lot of the members in the group “LIKED” my comment but I also received questions regarding the webhosts that I’m using. I answered them a lengthy comment which I want to share here in my post. Being in […]

7 Reasons Why I’m Using WordPress?

When I first installed WordPress more than 4 years ago on my 2nd blog, I admit that I fell in love with it.¬† It’s what you call “love at first sight”. Since then, there’s no turning back for me. Being an I.T. consultant for more than a decade already, I’ve used various tools in developing […]

Best Web Host For Blogs

With hundreds of web hosting companies offering all kinds of hosting plans, it has become challenging to find the best web host company that offers balance between¬† features, performance and support. What about Prices? Well, this is relative in one way or the other. Some web host provider will offer you a “cheap” entry for […]

Mad and Furious, I Need Your Recommendation.

I was mad and furious with my webhost provider.I’m sure most of my regular readers were aware on what happened on my site. First, all my blogs and websites (not blog) were inaccessible for more than 48 hours. Second, the staff of my webhost provider were not aware what hit their server. I had to […]