Adsense Now Supports HTTPS Ads

Google Adsense announced today the support for HTTPS sites such as those serving financial service pages and e-commerce sites. Looking at the SSL-compatible ad code, the only difference from non-HTTPS is the absence of “http” in front of the script source, instead the source now begin with two forward slashes. Of course, internally to Google […]

Blog De Manila Detour

Detour noun a roundabout way; deviation from a direct way a route used when the direct or regular route is closed to traffic departure from an established ideology or party line Yes, my dear readers, BlogDeManila is deviating from it’s mission. BlogDeManila was established on September 2008. After 3 long years of” blogging for bloggers,” […]

Signs You Have a Bad Webhost

Let me rant a little bit with my post today. What will you do if you woke up one morning and you can’t access your blog? You’ve tried other browser, still your site is inaccessible… You’ve tried other internet connection, same problem… You’ve asked your colleagues, same result as yours… You’ve tried to change the […]

Google Adwords Free Advertising

I received a letter today from Google. I thought it was a letter banning me from their Adsense program or a legal letter letting me know that I’ve done something wrong with my account. To my surprise, it’s a letter inviting me to be an advertiser on their Google Adwords program. Enclosed on the envelope […]

Are You Suffering From G.A.S.S.?

Lately, I’ve been suffering from this syndrome. Unfortunately, I guess there’s no cure for it. If there is, I will vehemently avoid the medication. Even when I’m in public places (it’s a no-no) , I can’t control myself not to suffer this contagious disease. I’ll always look for the opportunity to do it. Before you […]

SEO: Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto Result

Pacquiao and Cotto’s fight is one of the best. A highly considered classic fight! One of the best boxing fight of all time. Both fighters gave all their strength, sweat and blood in the name of boxing. They did not fail their fans. Cotto is too strong , but Pacquiao put on his dominating performance, […]

Entrecard Has Been Sold

Entrecard, the free blogging network that launched a virtual economy for bloggers has been acquired by ZipRunner Inc. According to Graham Langdon, the founder of Entrecard, that he chose ZipRunner among a number of potential suitors because he believed that ZipRunner Inc. has the resources to dedicate to Entrecard. ZipRunner Inc., a Los Angeles based […]