Adgitize 1 Month Ad Winner

I’m back from  my 12-day vacation!!! Recharged, with full vigor to energize BlogDeManila. By the way, there were only few who joined the contest. I know it’s not a contest but a secret one. You will only notice it if you are truly reading my posts. Too bad for Entrecard and Adgitize users who are […]

Vacation with My New Mistress

I’ll be on leave for 12 days.  This is  another much needed vacation that I’ve been waiting for. Not only for me but for my whole  family and ahemm… my new mistress. Therefore, you won’t see any update on my blog until October 4 but please  do me a big favor. Keep visiting my blog […]

20th Payment From Adgitize

July 2010 payment from Adgitize is my 20th already. I was planning to  rephrase the title of this post to – “Received a Gross Profit of $403.87 from Adgitize“. I’ll tell you why. I just came back from Bohol and upon browsing my emails I saw the payment notification from PayPal . It’s not really […]

Adgitize Promotion Increases Earnings

Increase your revenue on Adgitize! How? Simply by scoring more than 300 points a day! How do you score 300 points a day? If you are an advertiser, you get a 100 advertising points automatically. Visit and click 51 ads on the Adgitize network to score 100 points Write a blog each day for an […]

Entrecard Is Now Open To Non-Blog Sites

Entrecard recently opened it’s network to virtually everyone. I’m sure most of the Entrecard members are already aware of this changes. According to Entrecard’s announcement, they are opening the system so bloggers can also network with regular website owners too. I think one of the reason for this is that, by opening the network to […]

Google Adsense Et Al. Not Working

As you may have noticed, I removed the contextual advertising on my post already (Adsense, Bidvertiser, etc).  For the past 5 months or so, this blog earned a less than 10 US dollars! What a pathetic earnings, isn’t? Contextual advertising doesn’t wok at all (pay-per-click model), at least for this blog. What went wrong? Are […]

Earned $57.17 in 2 Months From Adgitize

I was not able to post my Adgitize earnings last month so here I am reporting  the total amount for June and July. A total of $57.17.  Well, aside from the cash earnings, one blog I advertised on Adgitize (my wife’s blog) have been viewed 361,063 times and a sum of 4,184 ad clicks  which […]