How To Recover From Google Penguin Update or How to Avoid The Hit

To tell you frankly, I’m tired in catching up with Google when it comes to SEO.  Two weeks ago, May 13, 2013, Matt Cutts (Google’s  head of Webspam team) released a video outlining 10 points on “what should we expect in the next few months  in terms of SEO.”. My first reaction was ” oh no…not again”!  I don’t want to do mix and match again on all my blog sites in order to follow the “standards” which Google is changing all the time!

After being hit by Penguin, it’s tough to get to the previous position. I know this, because two of my blogs were affected.


We cannot deny the fact that Google is still the  king of search engines and we have to follow the order of the king or at least  keep trying as per Google guide line. And I’m glad I’m practicing what I’ve been preaching here.

Below are what on my Post-It  list on how to avoid (and recover if you’ve been hit) Google Penguin. Keep this 9 tips in your blogging heart!

  1. Have a unique and original content.  Use quality content. It is still the King!
  2. Keep your content fresh! Update, update, update!
  3. Reduce bad links or simple remove all low value links. Also, remove unrelated links in your website specially the links which Google webmaster tools warned you about.
  4. Start developing good quality links by trying to get backlinks from authority websites. Read more

How Importance is Continuing Education

I work  in a very fast phase industry. We just finished delivering our award-winning software to some of our customers today and we’re already preparing a new version. Not only one version, but we’re planning for additional version that will take us a minimum of 2 years to develop. However, the new versions will entail a new technology which our partners will just about to launch!  We had a discussion this afternoon, that all software developers and those who are in our QA department needs to attend a special course or seminar for this new project or else we will have a hard time to develop it. I am responsible in steering the team to develop this new project. It simply means, I’m also accountable to look for the best way or medium to educate my colleagues.

This same sentiments applies not only to Information Technology based company  but to other career fields as well. I was just having an FB chat with one of my closest friends in Florida, USA. She’s a professor nurse in that State. We agreed that  although we are not in the same field, we both need to continuously study to enhance our skills. She told me that even if she’s already a registered nurse and a professor in a foreign land , she’s constantly updating her skills in order to compete in her field of choice.  Aside from  attending seminars and conferences, she’s also a subscriber of Nursing 2013 magazine. I’d take a look at the URL of the magazine she posted in her Facebook wall and I’ve found out Nursing 2013 magazine is an  an award-winning how to journal, written specifically for nurses and being publish every month. It provides the most practical reading material for nurses. Nursing 2013 magazine is actually not only a post reviewer for those who graduated already but also wonderful addition to any nursing students as well.

Continuing education in my field is not really necessary unless you want to improve yourself or have plans to step into a corporate ladder, but Read more

Free WordPress Installation…Read On

I felt good this morning because I was able to clear (read “solved”) the webhost problem of one of my clients last night. To celebrate the joy, I woke up very early and went for a 5-mile jog so I still have time to see my kids off  to school.

To continue the momentum, I’m willing to install WordPress for anybody….Just read on 🙂

How to avail the Free WordPress Installation

Hostgator, the reliable host of BlogDemanila and a number of my blogs, decided to send out 35% off coupon for the remaining days of the month. In case you didn’t receive their latest coupon code, it is FEB35 and it expires on 02/28/2013.

Hostgator 35% Off Coupon Code

After purchasing the web hosting through this blog, simply submit to me the login information  that Hostgator will send you and I’ll install WordPress for free! Additionally, I can also install any theme you want (if you have a copy or let’s just grab any free theme from – no modification) plus these indispensable plugins; All In One SEO Pack, and Google XML Sitemap.

I’ll email you the WordPress credentials (username and password) and you can begin blogging right away!  By the way, make sure you have your domain already. Let me know if you don’t have one.

Again, grab now the 35% OFF from Hostgator. I assure you won’t regret hosting your blogs on them because I’ve been using their services since 2007! I’m a living testimony’s to Hostgator’s hosting capabilities 🙂

Better Assisted Living Software Than My Own

I received an email from a very well known networking marketing guru, Daniel Scocco stating the facts that there are basically two routes to follow when it comes to being an entrepreneur, either you provide services or products. Since I’ve been offering  services already like web installation, SEO consulting, among others, I’ve decided to take the other route and that is to produce products. And I mean, digital products like software application.

Assisted Living Software I’ve done an inventory system in the past but sold it already. I was planning to develop a dental clinic management system, until I’ve met with an old friend of mine who is now working in Canada and he told me they need an assisted living software in order to manage their health care facilities. He added they need the application be installed in no more than 60 days.  I quickly  initiated the software analysis and design and in fact, started the initial programming phase because I don’t want to lose this opportunity.

However, as I was doing my research, I’ve found exactly the software that I’m planning to develop. It’s out in the market! All the features that I’ve written in my draft were all there already…and even better! I’m not being paid to promote the application and I guess it won’t hurt to divulge the name since I own this blog anyway. The name of the product is called RightClick software.

As I’ve mentioned, all the features that were on my drawing board  are all there – from operation, human resources, accounting, billing and ,of course multitude reports and analysis.

Apparently, there is one feature that I’ve missed in my digital blueprint- the assisted living marketing tool.  It’s a tool that can monitor your marketing efforts from prospecting, tracking your leads  down to allocating the  budget for your  marketing sources.  It can even print marketing letters with matching mailing labels!  Honestly, I didn’t think of any of these features.

I am a foremost a software developer wanting to develop a better solution, but I guess there are times that I need to step backward to give way for the best . If I have all the time and resources in the world to develop a master piece, why not! However, with the time constraints given, I don’t think I can finish the project in time. So instead of developing the software, I eventually recommended the one already in the market to my friend.  By the way, Rightclick Lite is a web-based application so my friend doesn’t need to install any software on their desktop.

I too would like to recommend to anybody looking for this kind of solution to check the website of Rightclick. The assisted living marketing tool alone is more than enough to persuade you to try this software.

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Investing on Health and Wealth

wealth-and-healthIf you have noticed this blog wasn’t updated for 6 months already. Well, the fact is my schedule was tied up with different offline and online activities. Just to name a few:

1. Busy helping my brother-in-law in purchasing some few acres of land for a Bee Farm which both of us are passionate about. We’ve been traveling to provinces (almost a thousand kilometers) to check on some possible sites where we can do Bee keeping and at the same time develop the area for other farm opportunities.

2. I’d kept my body in good health by joining fun runs and a marathon. Finally, I was able to run  my full-marathon! In fact, I even joined the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012! My first international run! It was a really a great experience. This is not only the first, I’m planning to join other international runs too in the future. I’m planning to join in one or two per year. Who knows, right?. This year, I will concentrate on my biking and hopefully be able to join a duathlon.

3. For the past 6 months, I’ve been traveling to different Asian countries aside from joining run which I’ve mentioned above. These travels were mostly with my wife and kids. Everything was for leisure, making beautiful memories and bonding time with my loved ones. We’ve logged a total of 4 countries in the past 6 months. For this year, we are  planning even just one or two family travels, if the budget permits.

4. For online activities, I’ve set up different blogs and websites not only for myself but for clients too. Good thing, I can host unlimited domains on both  Hostgator and BlueHost .Still, a lot  is in the drawing board for the next few months!

5. I’m also studying programming in Android and iOS (for iPad and iPhone). My brother-in-law got a big project and he wants me, and another brother-in-law to develop it for their company.

6. and more….

See how busy I am! I’m not complaining though. Actually, I’m more than thankful for all the blessings that I received last year.  I’m very optimistic more blessings are on their way for this year! I hope it’s the same with you too!

I’ve Been Scammed by Facebook

I can’t think of any good title for my post today. I’m not sure if it’s Facebook, Paypal or my fault.

In June 25, I received an email with the subject “Receipt for Your Payment to Facebook Ireland, Ltd.”. Since I haven’t done any transaction on my email on that day I’d checked my Paypal account and true enough there was a transaction which I didn’t authorize!

Looking at the email from PayPal, the transaction looks real and legitimate since the scammer used “

Paypal - Facebook Scam

But since I didn’t authorize the transaction, I was alarmed that something was wrong. Immediately, I filled a dispute stating I didn’t authorize the payment and that they should return my money. Well, it’s not really that big amount of money, but if this scammer can victimized a few hundreds, it will summed up to a huge sum of money.

While writing this post, I’ve tried to do some Google search on this kind of scam from so to speak ‘ Facebook Ireland”, and found out Read more