My Favorite and Most Reliable Webhosts for Blogging

I already announced to one of my FB groups that I’m giving away free WordPress webhosting. A lot of the members in the group “LIKED” my comment but I also received questions regarding the webhosts that I’m using. I answered them a lengthy comment which I want to share here in my post.

Being in the online  world for so long, I’ve tried a lot of webhosts already. I even had once my own webhosting stint but it’s too much for me to handle so I gave it up and instead looked for a reliable webhost in the market.

Google Webhosting
First, when people asked me the question ” what webhost are you using?”  I don’t usually answer them right away but instead reply a question to them such as:

1. What kind of sites are you going to upload on it?

2. Will you run an extensive program or script on it?

3. How many visitors or traffic are you expecting in 1-2 years?

Now, why am I asking these questions?

Simple, there’s is no perfect webhosting out there. Everything has somehow need to be customized according to your needs. More often, you get what you pay for. So my recommendation usually will depend on how they are going to answer the questions I posted above.

But for blogging, it’s different story. If your answer to my first question is “for blogging” then I wouldn’t hesitate to answer you that my top choices for blog hosting are ( in no particular order):

Why I’m  recommending these 3 web host providers?

Because I have been using BlueHost, Hostgator, WPWebhost   for all my sites and blogs. I have hosted our company and other clients of mine in BlueHost and WPWebhost while my personal blog is hosted at Hostgator.

I haven’t got a single downtime from any of them. Their support were all amazing because I can get in touch with them 24/7.


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