Improve PageRank by Linking Automatically

If you are not aware, according to some webmasters, Google had a PageRank update last month of June and they are “predicting” the next update could be on September.  Historically, it has been observed that Google updates its PageRank every three months.

Are you ready for the next Google PageRank update?

Do you want your site to improve its rank?

Do you want to increase the current PageRank of your blog?

It’s just past four days of the month of July. You still have  more or less 90 days to improve or gain Google PageRank. Now is the right time to do it!

How can you increase the PageRank of your site in 3 months the fastest way possible?

Before I introduce you the fastest way (automatic), let me tell you first the 4 Easy Steps on How To Get Quality Back-links for your blog.

1. Look for blogs that provide “do follow”. Only “do follow” blogs will give you the Google PageRank juice.  There’s a lot of them out there. Of course, BlogDeManila is a DoFollow since 2008.

Most DoFollow blogs are using a badge like this

You can actually locate blogs that allow back-links(dofollow) by using the  free Firefox plugin available from SEO Quake. You can download it

2. If you want to get PR (Page Rank), start making sensible comment on DoFollow blogs. “Drive by” comments are not effective. Make an insightful, useful or relevant comment to the post that is likely to be approved by the blog’s administrator.

3. Instead of using your name (or your blog’s name),  you can use  relevant anchor text on the blog to include your back-link with. For example if you want to rank on “Car Accessories”, you may use it like this:


Sample on using Relevant Anchor Text (Keywords)

You can include your back-link within the website URL on your post and  actual comment box as well, just make sure it’s permitted.

4. The last is easy. Rinse and Repeat 1-3 steps.

The process that I’ve told you is simply similar to manual link exchange.  The only drawback of this process is –  it is extremely time consuming. You need to do a lot of commenting (and manual link exchange) for you to gain quality PR.  I’m not saying that it doesn’t work. It does!  In fact, it still being use by a lot of bloggers.

Semi-Automatic BackLinks Strategy

With the usage of what is known as Web 2.0 technology, acquiring back-links is easier now than in any time in the history of the internet. Many blogger build back-links for their site using Social Bookmarking websites. All you have to do is  often sign in and create profiles. Still, you need to manually add your link to all the social bookmarking sites.

What we need is a fully automated process that will auto-link our site to other high-quality pages.

Fully Automatic BackLinks

Here’s where the fun of of backlinking comes in.

Do you want your links be automatically placed on up to hundreds of sites simply by displaying links on your own page?

If your reply is no, then just contain yourself in manually building your links but if your answer is a BIG sounding YES, then head on to AUTOMATIC BANKLINKS.

But before you do that, let me give you some background about this new service that is set to revolutionize the concept of link exchanging for web masters and bloggers.

What is Automatic BankLinks?

I’ll sum it up for you. It is a  FREE service that enables webmasters and website owners to quickly and effortlessly build up good quality, relevant backlinks, by agreeing to display a small amount of links to other user’s sites on their own pages.

You can actually see a real-time sample on my page. Just look for the FREE Backlinks section after the Top Commentators widget.

Three of the most common questions  (based on their site) that you may want to ask them also:

  • Isn’t Automatic Backlinks just another link exchange directory?
    Not exactly. Most link directories work on the principal of having a single “Links” page, that is populated with links that are vaguely related to your site’s topic. Automatic Backlinks places links on already existing content pages that have a minimum of Google PageRank 1.
  • Are the links reciprocal?
    No. It is widely believed that search engines place less weight on simple “you link to me – I link to you” exchanges. Automatic Backlinks uses sophisticated algorithms to create one-way links between the pages and sites in the system.
  • How can I be sure of the quality of the backlinks I get?
    Automatic Backlinks only includes pages that have earned a Google PageRank of 1 or above in to the system.

I have given you the two ways on how to improve your PageRank. The ball is in your hand. You can choose either the manual way (time consuming) or the fully automatic “set and forget” system – the Automatic BankLinks.

It’s your choice on how do you want to boost your search engine ranking. Let me know what way do you want to take.


  • Comment by Papa Ces |

    That’s a helpful tip and will benefit a lot of bloggers, especially the newbies. I just hope that they won’t abuse this or other bloggers will not set their blogs to do follow anymore.

    Have a great day!

  • Comment by DiTesco |

    Hi there. This is indeed very interesting and one that I normally would be keeping an eye on. You know that I am not too convinced with this type of services but my questions were already answered here so I am giving this a go on one of my websites that need a little boost. It will great to see how this works. I’ll let you know on a later stage. Thanks

  • Comment by vernz |

    Hi Eric… gosh.. I signed up already but It says.. it does not support blogger … I use blogger as a platform for my own domains .. paano yan hindi pwede? the .coms and .info that I have was purchased through blogger… need help! LOL!

  • Comment by Vicky |

    I am going to apply this two steps that you present in your post 🙂 i hope that in September Google is going to reward my work. 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  • Comment by medical books |

    I want to know how to set up our blog to be do follow blog, would u like to email me your tips? thanks a lot

  • Comment by Medical books |

    Would u like to email me how to set our blog to be do follow blog because I am newbie

  • Comment by Jennifer Landsberger |

    Thanks for explaining what “do follow” is…I’ve been seeing it everywhere, but wasn’t completely sure on what it was or why it was important.
    You’re right about comments helping with page rank…my last sites had great page rank because I commented a lot. I switched them over to their own websites (instead of blogspot) and my page rank is at “0” because I haven’t spent the time commenting and visiting other blogs!

  • Comment by Online betting |

    Very useful. In fact, now I started to do this thing. I’ll also try to use automatically backlinks. Thanks!

  • Comment by Paris apartments |

    As Vicky I am trying to apply the three first steps and let you know in september. So you will hear about my business before my name. I would invite some bloggers to be more selective sometime, to invite more quality comments and push bots to suicide. If possible. Well, now… rendez-vous en septembre.

    René Girard

  • Comment by The Twerp & I |

    I’ve read so much about increasing page rank and have tried to follow the advise I’ve read. I used to have PR1 but for some reason it disappeared. I’ve had no page rank since February even with all the effort I put in commenting, linking, being active in forums. So far none of it has paid off. I still haven’t got my PR back. It’s so discouraging.

  • Comment by Wiki DoFollow List |

    Looking for something to blog about? I saw this post about dofollow and thought you would like to know about a new site, Wiki Dofollow. It is a community compiled list of high ranking dofollow sites. That way, the list stays current.

    If you want, be one of the first to blog about it. I am sure you know how difficult it is getting visitors to a new site. Your help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated!


  • Comment by prince |

    wow .. thanks for sharing this very informative for us newbies on the blogphere..:)

  • Comment by chodirin |

    I will try automatic backlink so on.

  • Comment by chodirin |

    Hello demila,
    After I read several reviews from my friends, can make our PR dropped. Google detected their widget/code. Its not good for our PR.

  • Comment by make me money |

    Good tips. I always carry out your suggestions and implement them.

  • Comment by sanketmani |

    You have to get backlinks from others website. More backlinks you have, more popular is your website and more you ll have a high PR.

  • Comment by Free Paying Surveys |

    Thanks for the info! I’m going to try out the program you recommended.

  • Comment by Sanvi Choudhary |

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us! It is very helpful in increasing the ranking of website.
    I Liked step 3 most.

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