How To Promote Your Product Online The Fastest Way

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Let me start by telling you  that this post is about business blogging, but in general it is also applicable to any type of blogs.

Almost every business owner wants to grow their market and reach a larger audience. There is no better tool nowadays but to give your “brick and mortar” business an online presence. This is where business blogging comes in.

Gone are the days when static pages are the king of the web landscape.  The power of blogging has been fully recognized by the business community as a powerful tool in reaching more potential customers.

If you are into business blogging then congratulations! You’ve done the first step (and sometimes the most important).

Since you already have a physical product  to offer  ( it applies to digital products and services too), all you have to do is to sell, sell and sell.

I won’t talk about landing pages here nor the aesthetic design of your business blog. I want to emphasize on this post on how to promote your product or business online in the quickest way possible.

Let’s forget the technical details of a blog. We don’t need the perfect keywords at this time,  in short we don’t need SEO. Believe me, it  will take t time for a search engine to index your business blog. Let’s forget social media such as FacebookMyspace, Twitter, etc..  Let’s keep those in the background for a moment.

Your goal is either to make or increase sales. In order for you to achieve this, you need to inform your potential buyers about your business blog. In blogging, the right term is to drive traffic in your site.

so… How can you promote your product as fastest as possible?

By using  a LIST. Most if not all internet marketing gurus will tell you that without list there will be no traffic. Some equates LIST with Profits. In some way it’s is true.

Spread the word about your business blog  by  building a list. But wait a minute, isn’t building a list takes a loooooonnng time?

Well, definitely yes.

But what if, instead of building YOUR OWN LIST, you can LEVERAGE on other people’s list? If you can ask favor from other people (internet marketer) who are willing to share their list, or do a swap so much the better. Just give a share for every sale (like an affiliate).

If you cannot find other people to promote your product through their list, there are companies out there whose specialty is building a list and either you can rent or buy from them. What’s so good about these companies, is they already have market segregation. If you are looking for a consumer list, you can request them to segregate the data according to your criteria such as geography, age, income, purchasing behavior and more. They can even provide you a special list according to your target such as business list, auto insurance list, etc.

I hope I’ve given you some initial idea in promoting your business blog.

Having a business blog pays – but having a profit pays even better!  This can be easily done the fastest way by leveraging on other people’s list.


  • This is very cool and true. Now a days, a static website in not enough for a business to profit online, and you’re right about you don’t need those technicalities to optimize your site. You just need to make it dynamic by providing relevant and fresh content for you target customers. Letting them know your products and services will surely help you optimizing it.

    Great Post Eric.

    Jhong Medina

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    Thanks, I was searching for something along the lines of this. What would you say would be the most effective way of marketing online (apart from) emailing, because that’s a given.

  • Comment by KPO Services |

    Wow Nice! thanks for the tips on how to promote business online! Advertising really affects to the business, really helps in promoting the business.

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    Interesting Post. I’m always on the lookout for articles and info on marketing and the like, and as online marketing is so difficult these days, your blog looks a pretty good resource.

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