Hosting Your OWN Blog

If you noticed the title of my post ” Hosting your OWN Blog”, I capitalized the word “OWN”.

Let me clarify this, the word “OWN” doesn’t mean buying your own hardware and setup your own web hosting in your house.  What I mean is, if you seriously want to be a blogger (read: make money online) forget about using free hosting service such as blogspot or wordpress. I’m not against bloggers using free blog hosting, I’m also using blogspot in one of my internet marketing.

While free hosting services are great, it doesn’t give you a professional image if you can’t even spend a few pennies. Some pay-per-post providers will not even allow blogs on subdomains. So it pays to have your domain hosted on a paid and reliable web hostingprovider.

To be honest, there are a lot of cheap but reliable hosting nowadays there really is no excuse anymore of not hosting your own blog.  I have written a lot of  reviews on various web host provider already. Check them out.

As I’ve recommended before, if you don’t like my personal reviews, you can always check some independent  reviews of the best services out there. Or if you prefer, just “ask Mr. G”-  search google- on what company is providing the best service, but I warn you that not every replies of Mr. G are the most reliable.  Ask for a second opinion, search forums, ask your fellow blogger. If you’re a non-techie, person,  ask your younger siblings or friends who are more adept to new technologies.

There are hundreds of web hosting providers waiting for you out there. Seek them and they will be found 🙂


  • Comment by Free Web Host |

    Try our free web hosting offer and I really think you won’t return to blogspot.

  • Comment by doing business |

    yeah I agree with you. very hard to monetize blog with free domain. Founding good and reliable hosting is very important thing,and I agree to read a srcond opinion before making decisions.

  • Comment by Vicky |

    It depends on what your blog is about: if you are a mom staying at home and writing a blog with references about don’t know, products.. restaurants, and you try to make some money out of it, you can be reliable because your target is a mother just like you, who is looking to find out how someone else is handling kids and stuff. And having a blogspot, wordpress or whatever free blog hosting, I think makes the “mom -reader” think that you are real and not another website with advices.. My opinion

  • Comment by QNET |

    I read this article. Thanks for this post. This will help in start my own blog.

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