Abongo – Check Your Website Using This Indispensable Tool

I’ve been in the Information Technology industry for more than two decades already and I’ve seen how the internet technology evolved from a text based web browsing to the now mixed media content. The “personal computer” is not personal anymore but already part of a network once you connected it to your modem or router. […]

Scan Your Site for Bad Links and Increase Your Google Rank!

I was actively browsing webmasterworld.com forum, and came to a thread where broken links are being discussed. If you don’t know what is Webmasterworld.com is, all I can say it is THE authority site where SEO scientists and Search Engine Engineers are actively discussing everything and anything about well… search engines and all the algorithms […]

Video Screencast – Best Alternative to Help File

I’ve been involved in the IT industry for 15 years and  working on a software which we started developing exactly 11 years ago. The software is being used by hundred of thousands of users in the Maritime industry. We developed this software to be user-friendly as much as possible or what we call “dummy proof”. […]

Top 5 SEO Tips for 2014

Wow, in just few days we will leave 2013 behind already and I’m making myself ready for 2014. I’ve been (again) very busy with a lot of online and offline endeavors for the past months and I’m forgetting to update BlogDeManila.com. I’ve been busy training for my run ( yes, I’m into Fun Runs and […]

Adsense Now Supports HTTPS Ads

Google Adsense announced today the support for HTTPS sites such as those serving financial service pages and e-commerce sites. Looking at the SSL-compatible ad code, the only difference from non-HTTPS is the absence of “http” in front of the script source, instead the source now begin with two forward slashes. Of course, internally to Google […]

Send Unlimited Emails Without Paying a Monthly Fee

If you are into network marketing or selling stuffs online, there’s a big possibility that you have your own database of mailing list. No doubt email marketing is still the most effective way to introduce yourself, sell your product or services.  Take a look at Groupon and other deals sites – these companies companies  are […]

How To Recover From Google Penguin Update or How to Avoid The Hit

To tell you frankly, I’m tired in catching up with Google when it comes to SEO.  Two weeks ago, May 13, 2013, Matt Cutts (Google’s  head of Webspam team) released a video outlining 10 points on “what should we expect in the next few months  in terms of SEO.”. My first reaction was ” oh […]