Scan Your Site for Bad Links and Increase Your Google Rank!

I was actively browsing forum, and came to a thread where broken links are being discussed. If you don’t know what is is, all I can say it is THE authority site where SEO scientists and Search Engine Engineers are actively discussing everything and anything about well… search engines and all the algorithms […]

Top 5 SEO Tips for 2014

Wow, in just few days we will leave 2013 behind already and I’m making myself ready for 2014. I’ve been (again) very busy with a lot of online and offline endeavors for the past months and I’m forgetting to update I’ve been busy training for my run ( yes, I’m into Fun Runs and […]

Adsense Now Supports HTTPS Ads

Google Adsense announced today the support for HTTPS sites such as those serving financial service pages and e-commerce sites. Looking at the SSL-compatible ad code, the only difference from non-HTTPS is the absence of “http” in front of the script source, instead the source now begin with two forward slashes. Of course, internally to Google […]

How To Recover From Google Penguin Update or How to Avoid The Hit

To tell you frankly, I’m tired in catching up with Google when it comes to SEO.  Two weeks ago, May 13, 2013, Matt Cutts (Google’s  head of Webspam team) released a video outlining 10 points on “what should we expect in the next few months  in terms of SEO.”. My first reaction was ” oh […]

How To Avoid Being Suspended on Twitter

It’s been more than a month already since my last post. Whew! Well, I’m not into inactive mode. In fact, I’m in hyper mode both in my online and offline activities.  I spent a 2-week vacation somewhere, and joined fun runs almost every weekend. I did a solo epic bike ride too. For my online […]

Best Way To Get Backlinks For Your Site or Blog

I had a nice FB post exchanges with a local blogger because he’s curious on what is the best way to get backlinks for his blog. He told me that his doing forum posting, blog commenting  and even uses social bookmarking sites to promote his blog and yet his methods doesn’t seem bring good result. […]

How To Choose The Best Online Backup Provider

Tomorrow is the 1st day of February already. And if you are all aware, here at BlogDeManila, the 1st of the month is Blog Backup Day. I have written numerous articles already the importance of having a monthly backup, not only on your local hard disk but also using online backup as well. Cloud computing […]