Send Unlimited Emails Without Paying a Monthly Fee

If you are into network marketing or selling stuffs online, there’s a big possibility that you have your own database of mailing list. No doubt email marketing is still the most effective way to introduce yourself, sell your product or services.  Take a look at Groupon and other deals sites – these companies companies  are […]

Online Business Tip: Boost Your Sale by Accepting Wireless Credit Card Payment

I just read in an online news today that Smart Communications, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the Philippines, launches wireless meters and payment application. They’re gearing the traditional market of voice and text messaging to an “enterprise” services. This idea is not new actually. It’s is being used widely already by some restaurants […]

How To Build Online Trust In 5 Easy Steps

Nearly half of online shoppers say they have stopped or cancelled their online orders due to security fears, according to Harris Interactive. With so many online scammers in the virtual world, you’ve got to make your site more secured for your customer to trust you. You’ve got to gain the trust of the online shoppers […]

3 Types Of Web Hosting

A lot of bloggers doesn’t know that there are different types of web hosting. I don’t blame them because the web host providers doesn’t even explain it to them. Not if you are an internet marketer or a enterprise level company, you don’t have any excuses not to know these. If you will diligently  review […]

Benefits of Using Hidden Camera for Your Business

A badminton buddy of mine who owns a franchise of e-Games cafe of Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) asked for my help to install  both hidden and non-hidden cameras . For those who are not from the Philippines, PAGCOR e-Games cafe is an internet cafe dedicated to casino games only. The non-hidden cameras are […]

Working During Non-Working Day

Today is National’ Heroes Day in the Philippines. It commemorates the celebration of the national heroes. This day falls every last Monday of August. The president of the land usually declares this day as a non-working – meaning it’s a vacation day! Unfortunately, I was not able to take advantage on this so-called vacation day. […]

How To Promote Your Product Online The Fastest Way

Let me start by telling you  that this post is about business blogging, but in general it is also applicable to any type of blogs. Almost every business owner wants to grow their market and reach a larger audience. There is no better tool nowadays but to give your “brick and mortar” business an online […]