Adsense Now Supports HTTPS Ads

Google Adsense announced today the support for HTTPS sites such as those serving financial service pages and e-commerce sites. Looking at the SSL-compatible ad code, the only difference from non-HTTPS is the absence of “http” in front of the script source, instead the source now begin with two forward slashes. Of course, internally to Google […]

5 Top Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best “Make Money Online” Strategy

If you are looking for the easiest, if not the best online money maker out there, I encourage you to look at affiliate marketing.  I’ve been involved with affiliate marketing for almost 5 years now and I can personally testify that it’s top most online money making for me. Affiliate marketing is where you promote  […]

June 2011 Google PageRank Update

For those who are into SEO, webmasters and bloggers who simply want to know the latest Google page rank of their blog, here’s a good news for all of you. Google rolled out a major Page Rank update yesterday, 27th June 2011. I’m not expecting a major update for this month not even for the […]

How To Embed Google Adsense Ad Unit in Left or Right Corner of Post Content?

Just a quick post today because I still have to finish another project which involve file and data encryption. For my Friday quick post,  (if you haven’t noticed yet, all my Friday posts were mostly short tips) I would like to answer a question that I repeatedly receiving on my Inbox. The question is: How […]

When is Google PageRank Update?

Are you one of those who are waiting and waiting…and waiting for the next Google PageRank update? Are you concerned that your site has gone down because of the paid links? or…Are you excited to find out the result of your website optimization? The official and confirmed latest Google PageRank update was on April 2 […]

Pinay Model Alex Escat Tops Google Search in the Philippines

Pinay model Alexandra “Alex” Escat tops the Google searches in the Philippines for the week of August 13 to 19, according to Google Zeitgeist. This is before the airing of Miss Universe in Las Vegas and the hostage drama in Manila. Who is Escat? Well, she’s  bikini model who made the front page of British […]

Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using YouTube

If you have noticed, I’m a bit obsessed with driving web traffic  and how to get more quality links in some of my previous posts.  Today, I’ll be posting another subject on the same direction. Let’s face it, your blog or website will not make any money if nobody pay attention to it. Simply means, […]