Bad Things An Entrecard Can Do

Let’s admit it, Entrecard is now the “currency” of most bloggers. It’s being traded like a real currency. Most of the online contest are also using EC as their prizes.

Entrecard (EC) is first and foremost a free blogging network that truly brings visitors to your blog.  You can earn EC credits which allows you to display an ad of your blog on other blog sites within the community either by “dropping” or clicking the EC “drop” button.

The formula is More EC drop = more visits = more credits = more friends = more links = more traffic!

The  more traffic your blog site is making, the more Mr. Google and Ms. Alexa will love your site. The more adorable  your looks to them, the more you’ll get candies too!

Alright, not the sweet candy but the potential moneys your site can generate. Money? of course! How? Just browse around this blog site and you’ll find the treasures that I’m telling you.

Let’s go back to our the topic. Yes, EC can generate a lot traffic for your site BUT it can cost you money too and this is one of the bad things of Entrecard (EC). How? It happens when a dropper (someone who clicks on the EC “drop” button) clickk on  the button and leave your blog or website right away.

These droppers are what we call “Power Dropper”. They visit blogs solely for the sake of dropping EC cards in order to earn 300 credits in the shortest possible amount of time.  These power droppers can increase your bounce rate which can COST YOU MONEY.

The bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who turn around at the entry page and immediately leave the site. Such visitors “bounce” out and never see additional pages.

With high bounce rate, the traffic that EC droppers gave on you is useless. Google does punish for a high bounce rate, and droppers contribute to a high bounce rate. This is the problem with Entrecard, all this “card dropping” just to get the same crappy traffic back is a waste of time.

BUT, there is still hope. Watch for my next topic on how to best use EC for your benefits.


  • Comment by tripzibit |

    Good info, cause i’m new in this EC things and ur article very helpful to me. Thanx

  • Comment by John |

    I haven’t really though of the disadvantages of Entrecard before, apart from dropping taking up so much time. I tend to only drop about 30-40 cards per day.

    Dropping 300 card would probably take me 2 hours – time I could use to improve my blog!

  • Comment by Jade |

    Eric you have a point here but undoubtedly EC has helped me in so many ways;)

    o.t. Yes our farms are in Narra;) Buzz me if you are gonna visit Narra again – you might get free tilapia lunch from us.

    • Comment by eric |

      the only problems are those “power droppers” who are making havoc in your bounce rate.

      i know that thru EC, you will gain friends who will be loyal to your blogsite which will compensate for the negative impact of bounce rate.

      you are correct Jade, if not for the EC I won’t find your site, and I wouldn’t know that you have farms in Narra…and the most important thing is I won’t get a free Tilapia 😀

  • Comment by bingkee |

    I never know about that bounce rate and that they’re also measured. How do Alexa and Google monitor the time each reader/viewer spend on a million blogs in the world? That is just so far fetched and ridiculous . I do not seee it that way. If I go to a site, I spend time there reading it if I love the site. But if I don’t like it, I just drop an EC, and proceed. Even if there is no EC, there will always be visitors/readers just checking out on your site for about a minute and leave—but that’s also traffic. I think the amount of time can not be an exhaustive measurement for a blog. Visitors come and go. Like a high traffic blog like–I go there to look what is new and then if I don’t like the topic/title, I leave right away in a second. Then next day I come again to see what’s new and when I the new post, I’ll stay much longer. Bounce rate –if ever there is a measure —is not an accurate data for a blog’s success.
    EC has helped me in so many ways too aside from traffic–discovery of other new exciting blogs and lovely friends.

  • Comment by eric |

    a visit for a seconds, like dropping an EC card then leave or exit right away is still a traffic for that site.

    bounce rate is like meeting somebody for the first time and that person didn’t make any impression on you.

    now if that person is selling something, then you will turn your back and leave, giving that person no chance to do tell about the product being sold.

    and this is where the bounce rate is hurting that particular site. it’s like “i came, i saw, and yuck;i’m out of here”

    and yes, Google, Alexa and other ranking websites have the technology to detect where is your entrance, the time you’ve spent and where is your exit point on a particular site. the very same reason Google can detect if you clicked on your own adsense link.

  • Comment by newbiesblogger |

    drop 300 card per day for me is too much.. that is really hard work.

  • Comment by Diana Rupert |

    Hi.I never heard bout that bounce rate in EC. Thanks for giving info. Keep it up. It really helps more readers.
    Thank you

  • Comment by Calvin |

    hi, how would do you know for sure that google penalizes websites with high bounce rate? i would like to know that please.

  • Comment by Abdulrehman |

    Hi Eric!
    Congratulations! You have won 500 ECs at the contest on my blog, looks like the last 20 hours really did work out for you! ECs will be transferred as soon as i can!

  • Comment by Miss Tique |

    Offtopic, but you have a big problem.

    I’ve been dropping on you for the last 5 days. Each day I have to refresh 6-7-8 times before your site loads. So you should check the issue and solve it.


  • Comment by Pastilan |

    I don’t care about bounce rate as of now, all I care about is that I gain more friends with EC and it helps a lot when it comes to traffic. I am becoming a power dropper everyday.

  • Comment by calvin |

    heya, mind pointing to where i could get info or proof on google penalizing sites with high bounce rate? thanks!

  • Comment by blanne |

    wow i never knew google takes high bounce rate negatively. but thanks for posting this up! at least i know about it now.

    i cant wait for the next post. looks like im subscribing to a blog once again.. 🙂

  • Comment by Mik |

    Free candy!

    Great post, looking forward to the next article.

  • Comment by Webtoolkeeper |

    Entrecard turn crap lately… especially when admin started suspending sites with good contents…

  • The issues you are referring can to some extent minimized by redefining a few constraints:

    1- Decreasing the drop limit to 100, for the sake of argument
    2- Readjusting advertising costs/policy
    3- Setting a timer in the javascript in the widget.

    Although people can and will find ways around it (I can), it will normalize the network considerably.

  • Comment by makoy |

    ei asan na yung pic ng ad mo. icopy ko nlng yung s entrecard mo for the mean time.

  • Comment by eric |

    @Calvin – I’ll do a follow up article on this.

    @Miss Tique – thanks for pointing it out. I’m still trying to find where the problem is, if there’s any.

    @Abdulrehman – a great, big thanks to you!…got it already!

    @Blanne – thanks for subscribing!

  • Comment by Arun |

    Well said Eric. I’m was not aware that Google or Alexa would consider bounce rate as a factor while ranking. Good to know abt it here!

  • Comment by Bill |

    where is your entrecard???

  • Comment by FX |

    nice info

  • Comment by NotJustAMom |

    Thanks for the info! Your article was very interesting.

  • Comment by Leon |

    Thanks for the info. I didn’t know Google took bounce rate into consideration. Now wonder I’ve been making so little money!

  • Comment by Marion |

    Hello Eric,
    Thanks for the info that you have provided for all your readers. I am just new at this game, but with blogs like yours I hope to sharpen my abilities. Thanks 🙂

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