Adgitize Promotion Increases Earnings

Adgitize your web site.
Increase your revenue on Adgitize!


Simply by scoring more than 300 points a day!

How do you score 300 points a day?

  • If you are an advertiser, you get a 100 advertising points automatically.
  • Visit and click 51 ads on the Adgitize network to score 100 points
  • Write a blog each day for an additional 100 points

Doing these  methods will give you a total of 300 points, that is if you do them everyday.  Additionally, you will also gain points from page views and Ad view bonus points each day. These will increase your chances of reaching the 300 points or more.

Earn More through This Special Offer

You will earn a  minimum of 47 cents  for any day that you score over 300 points or an equivalent minimum amount of $14.57 for a full 31 day month.

What Else? Nothing… You are not required to do any more than be an advertiser and score 300 points a day.Adgitize your web site.

So what are you waiting for? Advertise now on Adgitize and recoup your investment at the end of the month! Yes, advertising is an investment with profit and not just a cost. Adgitize will pay you back more on the money you invested  if you will do your assignment.

This is no joke. ‘Been there done that’, and I’m still doing it every month.

As of this writing, my Adgitize earnings for the month of May is already at $17.88. I’m pretty sure that this will increase because there are still articles that are unaccounted for. My biggest earning from Adgitize was at $35.81 on January of this  year.

By the way, this promo will run through July 31st, 2010. If the promotion meets Adgitize sales goals then they will continue the promotion throughout the year.

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