I’m pleased you’re reading this first post of BlogDeManila dot com. Let me first tell you what this blog or website is not. This is not a news blog about Manila (capital of the Philippines), although I won’t constraint myself not to write anything about the beauty of The Philippines where I live, and it’s beautiful and friendly people specially the bloggers.  And finally, nor  this blog is for ““get rich quick”. I think there are too many blogs about making money from bloggers who aren’t actually making money.

BlogDeManila mission is to help people start and grow their their online businesses. And that’s why I’m here: Every post of BlogDeManila will tell you how to be smarter, savvier and altogether better  blogger/webpreneur. Sure, I’ll cover technology, but I’ll do more than just review it. I’ll show you how tech not only makes you a more productive and efficient blog, website, online business owner but how it saves you time, money and energy as well.

Lot’s of people think it’s oh-so-easy to be an online entreprenuer or a blogger. I know better. And I’m not going to pretend that having a brick and mortar business is the same as operating an online presence. It’s not. In the spirit of full disclosure, I confess I’m an online business failure. It seems like a million years ago that I discovered I didn’t have the disciple and couldn’t handle the isolation that tends to come with online business. So I know how hard it really is.

Luckily, I’ve learned a lot from my mine and other people’s experienced. I will not only tell you about online business but together we will live it.

As I said, I know how difficult it is to grow a business online and be a blogger. So I’m here to make it easier for you. Let me know what you do and don’t like about BlogDeManila. And tell me what you need. Now that I’m here, you should know that, while you may indeed be a striving blogger or starting to think to have a online presene for your business, you are definitely not alone. BlogDeManila is here, at your service!


  • Comment by Jade |

    Hi are you the eric/blogdemanila that joined my contest?
    Please leave me a message with the email you used to subscribe so I can validate your entry.


  • Comment by Roy |

    finally ‘pre,

    I am able to access your blog.

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  • Comment by Sherry |

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  • Comment by bingkee |

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for your desire to nominate me. I am really flattered. You are such a very supportive friend. God bless!

  • Comment by Zorlone |

    Hi Eric!

    Thank you for the kind words. In short, this is how I understood about your blog.


    Admittedly an online business failure,
    never was an enchanting and desirable lure.

    To help people start and grow business ventures,
    even when faced with huge brick wall – unsure.

    What do you need to trample on these challenges?
    Predicaments evolve to be used in out advantage.

    Embrace technology and other advancing changes,
    together we can conquer and bathe in success.


  • Comment by Mara |

    Hi Eric!

    I already created my URL in Blogger for my new blog (before I end up forgetting the URL I have in mind) and now I have several questions. Like can I also use the Adsense account in my first blog to my new blog, can I import my Blogger account to a hosting domain when I’m all settled, etc. etc.

    E-mail me?

    Thank you much!

    Mara 🙂

  • Comment by Mara |

    Kuya Eric,

    May tanong ako. Paano sa Adgitize, isang account lang tapos dalawang blogs? Edi iisa lang earnings ko dun? Ganon?

    • Comment by eric |

      Hello Ate Mara,

      Yes, you only need one account in Adgitize. From the “Manage Blogs” tab, you add blogs as many as you want.

      One earnings??? hmmm..not exactly, you have the chance to increase your points (page views and ad views points) if you have multiple blogs. Currently, I have 4 active blogs in Adgitize to maximize the points I can earn.

      By the way, I just received $33.89 USD today from Adgitize.

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  • Comment by wyjazdy studenckie |

    Eric, can you please remove my comment at – http://www.blogdemanila.com/10-easy-to-follow-videos-showing-you-how-to-create-your-blog-from-scratch/#comment-2645
    I don’t want a link to my site to be active there.
    TIA, Wyjazdy

  • Comment by Olejek Dziegciowy |

    Eric, I have the same question as wyjazdy.
    My comment at http://www.blogdemanila.com/entrecard-has-been-sold/#comment-2979 needs to have link deleted. It’s all due to google changes – too many foreign links make search engines think I have site in English.

  • Comment by zdc |

    I landed on your site while researching about spam. I have read the article above (“About”), and I am not sure whether you are aware that the content of the 1st and 1st half of the 2nd paragraph are the same with the the 2nd half of the 2nd paragraph and the 3rd one. Maybe it would be good to make some corrections as this is a form of spamming in an indirect way. If it’s not your intention, it’s not too late to edit it. You have a great site, so don’t let this one crumble its reputation.

  • Comment by eric |

    thanks for letting me know about it, ZDC. I don’t know what happened why the post ended up like that. anyway, thanks again for the heads up.

  • Comment by Rolan |

    Hi Eric,

    Nice to know you man! I am also from the Philippines. Not really new to blogging, but haven’t earned much yet. 🙂

    It is good to find a kababayan online 🙂

  • Comment by Joan |

    Hi can we be blogger friends :)) hehe

  • Comment by Joan |

    sure eric :), when im on an actual computer.. heheh. just using phone now . but ur blog is really cool, would love to add this to my blogroll

  • Comment by James C |


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    We would write the post, and all you would have to do is post it on your site.

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    Please let me know your price on the one site and also (if you have more sites) if we buy 30+ posts at once.


  • Comment by Mille-Ann Razon |

    Hello! We find your website interesting! Please email me (m.razon@lazada.com.ph) if you would like to hear about our offer. Thanks! 🙂

  • Comment by Phoebes |


    I’m interested in advertising on your travel blog Eric. I already sent you an email on your gmail account but did not receive your reply. Please check mail. Get back to me asap


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