Busy As A Bee Again

After arriving from our 10-day vacation, I saw myself running to and fro from all sorts of activities. We arrived slightly right after midnight  of  Saturday and just less than 2 hours of sleep later on, I ran with my wife and son for the 5KM race of Adidas King of the Road. It was […]

Traveling for 10 Days

Starting tonight until the 22nd of this month, I’ll be offline to attend to a church activity. My family will be with me including my kids. I’ve been trimming my emails already for the past days  or so, because I don’t have plans to check my emails during vacation, including monitoring my blogs. Although, I […]

Do Not Push Your Readers Away

Do you really want to have more interaction in your blog? Then don’t push or shove your readers away from your site! All you need is just a simple change of settings in your blog. What do I mean pushing away? One of the ways to engage your reader to your post is by enabling […]