Looking for A Backup Drive

Remember my old laptop, Dellia? Well, she finally went into oblivion. The motherboard gave up but luckily the data on the hard disk is still intact. I’d asked one of our technician to buy me hard disk external housing with USB so I can easily access it. I was actually prepared for the worst case […]

Build High Quality Sites Based On Google Standards

You don’t want Google to ban your site… Or you don’t want your site to banished among the million pages Google searchbot is searching everyday. Do you? Well, I think there will be more harm if you will not follow their guidelines. Don’t you think so? Besides the Webmaster Guidelines that Google strongly encourage you […]

Thank You

I just would like to express my gratitude to all BlogDeManila’ readers who prayed for the recovery of my son. According to his latest check-up last Saturday by his doctor, the bug is already cleared from his system. My son is back to his normal activities already. In fact, we enrolled him on a guitar […]

Hospital Vacation

My whole family, including me, is having a vacation since Sunday. A vacation which all of us doesn’t want to experience again. My eldest son was infected with Amoebiasis and has been in the hospital for the past 5 days already. Since nobody will look after our youngest son, my wife and I decided that […]