World Bloggers Day 2011

Blogging has become a social force and this is what the World Bloggers Day 2011 is all about.  Blogosphere has grown so large that even the main stream media are turning to bloggers to disseminate information not only in real time but  looking at it as a medium with powerful force. Indeed a lot of […]

Almost 2 Weeks Vacation

This is just a quick note to let you know that Blog De Manila will be on a 2-week vacation, well almost, it’s gonna be a 12-day vacation. So please bear with me if I cannot write a new post ( I don’t write a scheduled post here at Blog De Manila). Actually this vacation […]

An Affiliate Network by an Affiliate

I’ve joined a lot and I mean really more than a hundreds affiliates already and most of them are just gathering dust, so to speak,  in my virtual cabinet. The no. 1 feature that I’m looking for an affiliate network company is the support to their affiliates.  There are only few affiliate networks out there […]

Trade Shows in Europe – Our Company Is Invited

Our company was visited last week by some of our partners from Norway and Greece. We had a discussion on what the directions of our projects will be in the next few years.I think most of BlogDeManila’s readers already know that our company (where I am working as a full-time consultant) is developing and providing […]

Our Data Center Was Burned

“Our data center was burned to ashes and  our servers were all gone…”. This was what our boss heard over the phone when one of our director called him last Friday. Our boss, who was having a short vacation in Boracay, panicked and told his friends that he needs to go back to Manila in […]