Using Your Web Host as a Backup For Your Files Is Ground For Termination

There were some readers who emailed me after reading my previous post. They don’t want to comment on my post because they prefer not to reveal¬† the web hosting company that promised (or so they thought) of unlimited web host disk space and bandwidth. They told me that they couldn’t believe what I wrote on […]

Are You Sure There is Unlimited Web Hosting Space and BandWidth?

I was having dinner with my wife together with my father in a now popular restaurant that offers Unlimited Rice. For those of who you who are in the Philippines, I’m pretty sure that you are familiar with this restaurant. Anyway, I was already half-way through eating my juicy barbecue chicken when my wife reminded […]

How To Embed Google Adsense Ad Unit in Left or Right Corner of Post Content?

Just a quick post today because I still have to finish another project which involve file and data encryption. For my Friday quick post,¬† (if you haven’t noticed yet, all my Friday posts were mostly short tips) I would like to answer a question that I repeatedly receiving on my Inbox. The question is: How […]

Will Google Ban You?

Learn The Top 3 Major Components That Is Important To The Search Engines Like Google That should have been the title of my post today. Unfortunately, based on my previous post, a lot of bloggers were cautious if their blog or site will be banned by Google for using some tricks in their back link […]

Blog Backup Day

There’s no official Blog Backup Day. Ooopps wait, there’s one already at They declared it to be every 13th of the month. I don’t know what’s with the 13th. Is it due to “Friday the 13th?” Unfortunately, the day they declared was not spread through out. While searching on Google, they were the only […]