Build FREE 25 Unique Backlinks to Your Pages Every Single Day!

I’m managing 10 blogs already and part of my task every single day is building backlinks. As you (my regular readers) already  know building backlinks to your pages is a very important of SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) for two reasons. 1. It helps your pages get indexed faster, which is very important because […]

Online Business Tip: Boost Your Sale by Accepting Wireless Credit Card Payment

I just read in an online news today that Smart Communications, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the Philippines, launches wireless meters and payment application. They’re gearing the traditional market of voice and text messaging to an “enterprise” services. This idea is not new actually. It’s is being used widely already by some restaurants […]

What Exactly Is Google Page Rank?

A lot of buzz have been made lately because of the “unofficial” Google Page Rank update last month. Incidentally, a lot of blogger got confused on what is Google Page Rank exactly.  I personally know a number of bloggers and webmasters who are trying to get a high Google Page Rank but they’re not really […]

Tip: Increase the Subscribers of Your Blog

A very, very quick post  here. I’m currently watching a video while writing a post for another blog. My eyes (and attention) fixated on the video that I’ve almost forgot the post that I’m writing. The video is about building a subscriber list. For practical reason, subscribers are readers who wants to get in touch […]

TV in iPad…Are you kidding me?

During our vacation last weekend, one of our friends brought her new and still shiny iPad. She always play her favorite game – none other than Angry Birds whenever there’s an opportunity. She was even able to surf the internet because another friend brought a Wifi-Modem. During the night, we listened to the radio using […]

Back From Vacation Again

That’s right! It was only 2 weeks ago when we had a quick vacation in Lucena. This weekend,  we had another great vacation with a group of friends. There were a total of 20 of us who occupied 2 houses in Baguio. This is already our fourth year as a group spending a vacation. We […]