Google PageRank Update at Last

My wife is so happy to know that her blog’s Google PageRank is finally back. She doesn’t have any idea why she lost it last year. The only reason we assumed is because of the local host provider she was using which was always downtime. It’s good that she transferred it to a better host […]

Secrets and Tips on How to Generate Traffic Like a Pro

Setting up a blog or a website is very easy. If  you’re having a hard time, email me. Putting contents in your blog is relatively easy if you know how to write. Getting people to read your blog is much easier! Oooopss, it seems that doesn’t sounds right, is it? To tell you frankly, generating […]

How To Build Online Trust In 5 Easy Steps

Nearly half of online shoppers say they have stopped or cancelled their online orders due to security fears, according to Harris Interactive. With so many online scammers in the virtual world, you’ve got to make your site more secured for your customer to trust you. You’ve got to gain the trust of the online shoppers […]

The Fastest Way To Delete All Pending Comments in WordPress

A lot of people love spam, specially for their breakfast. Personally, I don’t like spam. I think it’s full of unhealthy cholesterol. But, that’s me. It’s my personal choice. And, I don’t like spam in the virtual world as well. I even hate deleting them from WordPress dashboard. The only one good thing that Spam […]

Weekend Vacation Again

We just arrived from our long holiday vacation last January 2 and now my wife has another plan to visit a friend in San Pablo City. It was supposed to be a surprise visit for a friend whom we haven’t had the chance to meet for sometime now, but when my wife posted our intentions […]

WordPress Critical Update

I was on a vacation when I received an email from Matt Mullenweg. At first, I thought it’s just a simple holiday greeting message from the founder of WordPress, but soon I’ve learned that it’s about the critical update for WordPress. You may ask, is this an important update? Will it affect my blog running […]