Dead Tired But Happy

Hey guys, I’m very much sorry  for this off-topic post today. Please bear with me. My brain is still in limbo. I just had a 5 hours of sleep after our 24-Hour Trail Bike Race. I’m still feeling tired to death after finishing the race at 4AM. To tell you the truth I actually did […]

WordPress Won the 2010 Open Source awards for Hall of Fame CMS

Congratulations to the team behind WordPress, the community volunteers and to all the users as well! WordPress won after being tied with Drupal. The tie was broken when an independent judge was brought in and declared the winner. Mark King, currently the Lead Developer at was the judge who finally chose WordPress. The category […]

3 Types Of Web Hosting

A lot of bloggers doesn’t know that there are different types of web hosting. I don’t blame them because the web host providers doesn’t even explain it to them. Not if you are an internet marketer or a enterprise level company, you don’t have any excuses not to know these. If you will diligently  review […]

Surf the Web from 30,000 Feet Above the Ground For Free!

Some few years ago, internet surfing was not allowed in any flight. Operating a laptop was even prohibited. But with the new safety measures and guidelines implemented by the airline industry in the recent years, using a laptop while inflight was made possible. As long as you don’t use your laptop during the takeoff and […]

Experts Host Sites Here for $1/month

We ignore the support questions and pass the savings on to you. Not lazy. Efficient. That’s exactly the header of No Support Linux Hosting. Before moving on, let me state the fact that I’m NOT being paid in promoting their services. I just want to present an alternative web hosting provider if you are looking […]

Looking for Cheap But Reliable Webhosting?

Christmas is almost around the corner and a lot of bloggers in this time of the year either buying new domains or looking for new webhosting.  I’m not promoting any specific web hosting provider in this post of mine but if, yes if you’ll gonna find for another reliable but cheap webhosting, I encourage you […]