Do What You Want To Do… Now!

Perhaps you noticed that I haven’t posted anything about blogging in all my previous posts.  The last topic that I’ve written about blogging was my article on Google PageRank Update which is almost a 2-month old post already. To tell you frankly, I’m was busy with 3 things. 1. I just accomplished my first ever […]

My Car was Hit Twice in One Month

Accidents do happen, but something weird happened to my car. Explain this to me 1. My car was hit twice in a single month. 2. It was hit while the car is not moving. 3. The owner of the cars that hit my car are both policemen. 4. It was hit on the same spot […]

Another GoDaddy Secret Promo Coupon

Another quick post here. Yesterday I renewed 3 of my domains.  Two of them are .com and the other one is .org. The total amount is more than $31. When I applied the BTPS412 as the coupon code, the total amount to be paid was deducted to $24.02 but when I used the coupon code […]

Business Talk: A Success Story on Why Do You Need A Website?

Do you really need a website to promote your business? In the USA alone, the e-commerce avenue in 2007 was already at more than $100 Billion.  If you can get even just a small piece of this revenue, say .1%, that means you can have $100 million. Even if you are just starting on your […]

Adgitize 1 Month Ad Winner

I’m back from  my 12-day vacation!!! Recharged, with full vigor to energize BlogDeManila. By the way, there were only few who joined the contest. I know it’s not a contest but a secret one. You will only notice it if you are truly reading my posts. Too bad for Entrecard and Adgitize users who are […]