Vacation with My New Mistress

I’ll be on leave for 12 days.  This is  another much needed vacation that I’ve been waiting for. Not only for me but for my whole  family and ahemm… my new mistress. Therefore, you won’t see any update on my blog until October 4 but please  do me a big favor. Keep visiting my blog […]

Benefits of Using Hidden Camera for Your Business

A badminton buddy of mine who owns a franchise of e-Games cafe of Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) asked for my help to install  both hidden and non-hidden cameras . For those who are not from the Philippines, PAGCOR e-Games cafe is an internet cafe dedicated to casino games only. The non-hidden cameras are […]

I’m Getting a New Mistress

I’m ending my relationship with Dellia, my mistress for the past 3 years. Please don’t get me wrong. Before you judge me, let me tell you a brief story why I’m breaking up with her. Some say that you need to spend at least 2 years before you will know that you are really meant […]

When is Google PageRank Update?

Are you one of those who are waiting and waiting…and waiting for the next Google PageRank update? Are you concerned that your site has gone down because of the paid links? or…Are you excited to find out the result of your website optimization? The official and confirmed latest Google PageRank update was on April 2 […]

Got a New 16Gb USB to Combat Static Electricity

Our company provided a 16Gb USB drive to all the employees. The reason? To combat or lessen the static electricity which everybody in our company is transferring to one another. I’m not joking. There is a very strong static electricity in our office. Whenever we get contact with anybody or just touching any metal in […]

Looking for a Real Estate Website?

Few people know that I’m a Real Estate Broker. Yup, not just a real estate agent but a licensed Real Estate Broker. You can actually check my credentials on Department of Trade and Industry. I took up licensing together with my younger brother when we were both still in college. My brother was the youngest […]

3 Tips To Make Your Site Visible

Yesterday, I wrote a 3 tips for creating a Google -friendly site and today I’ll be posting another quick but very important tips to make your site visible to the search engine. If you haven’t read my previous post, I encourage you to review it and find the answer to the question: why do you […]