Retweet List Of The Week No. 1

I’m a member of a Retweet Club founded by Daniel Scocco who is also the main faculty at Online Profits where I’m a student. The goal of  the Club is for the members to help each other in getting more retweets on their Twitter updates. This club is by invitation only. I have learned a […]

Build Your Restaurant Website In 4 Easy Steps

Do you want to have your own restaurant website in few minutes like the sample above, even if: 1. You don’t have computer technical knowledge? 2. No design skills? Yes, you can create your stunning restaurant website in minutes by simply following the 4 steps provided by on their site: 1. Choose a template […]

Subscribers Magnet Plugin Exposed

Last week I had the great pleasure to download, and test-drive a brand-new plugin from MaxBlogPress creators; it is called ‘Subscribers Magnet’… perhaps you have already heard or read reviews about it! Here’s my opinion about it and why I think you should or NOT buy it! First of all, ‘Subscribers Magnet’ is a wordpress […]

.CO Domain Names Now Available To The Public

Don’t settle for a long domain name — register a .CO! .CO domain name is the biggest new domain since .COM and most major Internet domain registrars began selling .co domain names on Tuesday including .CO is practically the same as .COM but it seemed like a better extension simply because it’s one letter […]

Signs You Have a Bad Webhost

Let me rant a little bit with my post today. What will you do if you woke up one morning and you can’t access your blog? You’ve tried other browser, still your site is inaccessible… You’ve tried other internet connection, same problem… You’ve asked your colleagues, same result as yours… You’ve tried to change the […]

Drive Traffic To Your Blog Using YouTube

If you have noticed, I’m a bit obsessed with driving web traffic  and how to get more quality links in some of my previous posts.  Today, I’ll be posting another subject on the same direction. Let’s face it, your blog or website will not make any money if nobody pay attention to it. Simply means, […]

Improve PageRank by Linking Automatically

If you are not aware, according to some webmasters, Google had a PageRank update last month of June and they are “predicting” the next update could be on September.  Historically, it has been observed that Google updates its PageRank every three months. Are you ready for the next Google PageRank update? Do you want your […]