Are SEO Firms Like SubmitEdge Can Guarantee Site Gets Indexed in 10 days?

You may have the best website ever created. Your content is superb with correct keywords on the right places. The question is, how do you attract traffic to your site? Face the fact, getting a good inbound links are very important  if you want to get high search engine rankings. The question is, what exactly […]

Do Not Install WordPress 3.0 Until You Read This

Straight, no chaser – this is the dictum of the latest version of WordPress. Just like any drinking session, sometimes a well planned event can lead into some unfavorable consequence. This is what happened when I tried to upgrade from WordPress 2.9.2 to WordPress 3.0 or known as “Thelonious”. Right after I read the […]

Update on Blog De Manila and Benefit of Waiting

Once again, I apologize for not being able to update this blog. I’m a bit busy with my other work, that is software development. I think most of BlogDeManila readers already know that my true profession is into developing software. Our company is developing a software for the past 7 years already and I’m proud […]

Paypal Minimum Withdrawal Amounts

A friend of mine who is into paid surveys called and asked for my help. She wanted to get some of her earnings –  a small amount since she’s still new in “making money online“.  She just wanted to test if she can really withdraw money from PayPal. She informed me that she seek  my […]

Just Got Back From Hong Kong

Whew! Time flies so fast! I had a great time in Hong Kong with my family and my in-laws.  There were 14 of us in all. My kids really enjoyed the vacation so much that they don’t want to go home anymore. My 4-year old son even wants to stay in Ocean Park and live […]

Do Not Delete SPAM!

Do not delete SPAM…yet. What I’m talking about? This may sound stupid but you’ve got to submit the spam to the web before hitting the “delete” or “delete all” button on your WordPress Comment Page dashboard. Well, this post of mine applies only to all who are using Akismet on their site, either a blog […]