Adgitize Promotion Increases Earnings

Increase your revenue on Adgitize! How? Simply by scoring more than 300 points a day! How do you score 300 points a day? If you are an advertiser, you get a 100 advertising points automatically. Visit and click 51 ads on the Adgitize network to score 100 points Write a blog each day for an […]

Hosting Your OWN Blog

If you noticed the title of my post ” Hosting your OWN Blog”, I capitalized the word “OWN”. Let me clarify this, the word “OWN” doesn’t mean buying your own hardware and setup your own web hosting in your house.  What I mean is, if you seriously want to be a blogger (read: make money […]

Free Domain Registration

Want to register a new domain for free? Yup, I’m not kidding. If GoDaddy is offering $0.99 ( or $1.17 including ICANN fees), 1&1 Internet on the other hand is offering  a free one-year .com domain registration. hmmm…sounds like a good deal isn’t? After all, free is free, right? If you are looking to start […]

GoDaddy Promo : Domain for $0.99 only

Yup it’s true, you can get a domain on Godaddy for $0.99 ( or $1.17 including ICANN fees) but here’s the deal – This promotion willl end by 6 June 2010 and only valid for the first 7500 users. So hurry and grab the domain name that you are looking for. By the way, you […]

How To Promote Your Product Online The Fastest Way

Let me start by telling you  that this post is about business blogging, but in general it is also applicable to any type of blogs. Almost every business owner wants to grow their market and reach a larger audience. There is no better tool nowadays but to give your “brick and mortar” business an online […]

Spammer on Entrecard

Has Entrecard been hacked? I’m doing my Entrecard drop routines today and I noticed a series of “sexy” widget images with almost the same themes on my “Drops Inbox”. The reason on why a series of “sexy”  or “hot” images on my EC dashboard suddenly appeared in just one day really puzzled me. A two […]

Why Page Speed is Important

Let me first state this, “page speed is important factor up to a certain point”.  This is to clear up some issues that I’ve written on my previous post. Still, just to reiterate, Google started to incorporate the loading of your site on as one of the basis in search ranking. So I encourage you […]