Google Adwords Free Advertising

I received a letter today from Google. I thought it was a letter banning me from their Adsense program or a legal letter letting me know that I’ve done something wrong with my account. To my surprise, it’s a letter inviting me to be an advertiser on their Google Adwords program. Enclosed on the envelope […]

Best Web Host For Blogs

With hundreds of web hosting companies offering all kinds of hosting plans, it has become challenging to find the best web host company that offers balance between¬† features, performance and support. What about Prices? Well, this is relative in one way or the other. Some web host provider will offer you a “cheap” entry for […]

Earn While Travelling

Wow…time flies so fast! I’ve been out of town for almost a month…travelling in all directions with my whole family.¬† Tiring, but a lot of memorable moments were bonded. My last post was more than a month old already. I’m very sorry for that, but let me tell you that I did not procrastinate nor […]