Entrecard Is Now Open To Non-Blog Sites

Entrecard recently opened it’s network to virtually everyone. I’m sure most of the Entrecard members are already aware of this changes. According to Entrecard’s announcement, they are opening the system so bloggers can also network with regular website owners too. I think one of the reason for this is that, by opening the network to […]

Paparazzi Blog Contest

Be a paparazzi and win at least Php 20,000 Cash + 1 Year’s Supply of Real Leaf! Real Leaf launches its Paparraz-Tea blogger contest, open to all the bloggers of the Nuffnang Network! Mechanics of the Contests: 1. This contest is open to all Nuffnangers and will run until January 31, 2010. 2. To join, […]

6 Ways To Making Money Online

Imagine a world where all of your questions about making money online are addressed one by one, in a series of full-length videos. Jeremy Schoemaker’s ShoeMoney System is about to be released to the public and he’s got some incredible content to share with students. Check out his story: http://www.shoemoneysystem.com/its-coming Jeremy has been releasing great […]

Real Bill Gates Is Now On Twitter

The real Bill Gates is now on Twitter. The former boss but still  part-time chairman of Microsoft has officially joined Twitter and becoming one of the most popular members.  On his first tweet,  Bill Gates only has 241 followers in three hours and swelled to 150,000 followers after 13 hours. One of those who officially […]

WordPress Scheduled Post Solution

Mye,  a blogger friend of mine informed me about the WordPress scheduled post problem and asked for my help.  She experienced it when she installed the latest WordPresss 2.9 version. The installation was successful except that, her setup of scheduled post were not publishing. I know how important scheduled posts are specially for those who […]

Back From Paradise

Just arrived the other day after spending a vacation in a paradise with my wife and 2 kids. We had so much fun traveling in the country side,  seeing various landmarks and spending our time mostly in the sun. We trekked a hidden falls, time traveled to an old community, rode a horse drawn carriage […]