Five Important Reasons Why You Need To Subscribe To Your Own RSS Feeds

If there is no.1 great fan of your blog, that “numero uno” admirer  is nobody else but you. Yes, it’s you- not your mom, wife or hubby not even your dog. You’ve got to be updated on what’s going on in your blog and see it from your reader’s perspective. And there’s no better way […]

Blogger Outage!

update: After more than 2 hours, Gatsby of Google proudly announced that they have fully restored Blogger functionality as of  ~1:00 PDT (around past 4 PM Phil. Time). ********* I’m doing my usual routine of dropping EC cards and visiting Adgitize ads when suddenly I saw a Blogger error. I was actually commenting to […]

WordPress 2.8.5 Security Update

This new WordPress update is called “hardening version”. I’m waiting for the 2.9 version but according to WordPress developers, they need to back-port some security fixes they are working for 2.9 into 2.8. This is to make all previous versions as secured as possible. I guess the most important headline among the changes is the […]

Looking For A Reliable Windows Hosting

A client of mine is looking for a new webhost but not just any kind of  provider. It should be a Windows hosting provider. There are numerous providers out there but mostly they are offering a Linux webhost only. My client will not just simply install a blog  but he’s developing an ASP.NET website. He’s […]

I’m Alive

Whoa, it’s exactly one month today since my last post.  So what really happened to me and First, I had a problem with my webhost. Yes, you’ve read it right.  I have other 6 other blogs/websites that I’m managing and, unfortunately, only BlogDeManila (BDM) was affected. The good news is, it’s already up and […]