BING Is Taking Over The No. 2 Spot in Search Engine

In the next 24 hours or less, Microsoft’s slick new search engine BING will take over the no. 2 spot for search engine which is being occupied by Yahoo. If the “rumors” are true, Microsoft and Yahoo are expected to announce the search pact, the deal that will create a big impact not only for […]

5 Ways To Build Your List Fast

I received a tip in my email last week stating that “if you want to use your blog to build your list (and you should), then get a new theme”. And this is exactly the reason why BlogDeManila (BDM) is changing it’s theme. Why Do You Need a List? If you want to succeed as […]

BlogDeManila Renovation will undergo a major engine upgrade within the next few days. The major updates will be done on backend so most readers won’t notice the difference  at all( I hope). I’ll be using a home made theme- you’ve read it right. BlogDeManila is planning to use it’s own theme but still inspired by the […]

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs – Philippines

Emerging – adj. Newly formed or just coming into prominence; Influential – n. One that is of considerable importance or influence; From these two words alone, you can clearly see that BlogDeManila’s (BDM) 2009 Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in the Philippines will not only dominate the blogoshere community but whose opinions and actions will […]

Entrecard Has Been Sold

Entrecard, the free blogging network that launched a virtual economy for bloggers has been acquired by ZipRunner Inc. According to Graham Langdon, the founder of Entrecard, that he chose ZipRunner among a number of potential suitors because he believed that ZipRunner Inc. has the resources to dedicate to Entrecard. ZipRunner Inc., a Los Angeles based […]

Help Me To Win 46″ Sony BRAVIA LCD HD TV & Sony Blu-ray Home Theater System

The title of my blog today is correct. I want to win the  46″ Sony BRAVIA LCD HD TV & Sony Blu-ray Home Theater System or any of these items (or the cash equivalent): HP TouchSmart Tablet Laptop Kindle DX: Amazon’s 9.7″ Wireless Reading Device with Leather Case – the new one with the big […]

Twitter Admit Its Mistake

I’m sure you are all aware what happened to my Twitter account.  As commented by Bingkee and other bloggers, that, indeed Twitter suspended a lot of accounts this week. I did a search on Google on what really happened and I’d like to know the cause of the suspension. I want to know the real […]