Sick and Down… The Blessings

8 blood tests, 3 x-rays, 2 ECGs, 1 Urinalysis and yet still no results why I got sick. Yup, I was sick and downed for more than a week. It started last week, Thursday night , when I felt like I’m about to collapse after just playing 2-sets of easy badminton game. It’s not the […]

Got A Problem On PayPal?

If you’re having problem with PayPal and other payment system because you don’t have credit or debit card to verify your account… Or if you want simply to be “IN”… Here’s now the newest, secured and friendly way to send and receive payments online. Benefits! Quick Wallet –Accept online payments immediately with Evowallet. No approval […]

Top Entrecard Droppers On Sidebar

BlogDeManila’s top 10 entrecard droppers for the month of February is almost exactly the same like month! What surprised me was, 3 out of 10 crazily dropped 31 cards on BlogDeManila!, 4 dropped 30 cards, the 8-9th on the list dropped 29 cards and the last place was 28. I’m just wondering how can they […]