My Wife’s Blog Was Hacked

Don’t Panic As I’ve mentioned in my January Top Entrecard Dropper’s post, my wife’s blog including the forum was hacked. I was promoting the site to one of my friend in Singapore when I noticed the main page was showing a different page. Being a technical guy, I did not panic but I was so […]

$200 At Big Mak Blog Contest

A blogger friend of mine is currently running a contest. He titled it “ Big Mak Blog Contest“. His nickname is “Makoy” so it is just appropriate to titled his contest like “Big Mac” of McDonald. He even designed a logo similar to it. The contest will have  a total  of $200 cash prize, 108,000 […]

January Top 10 Entrecard Droppers

First of all, my apologies to all BlogDeManila’s loyal droppers. I’m 5 days late on posting my compliment post for all you.  First, my wife’s site including her forum was hacked, so I repaired it back. And, secondly, I was out of town since last week and just arrived the other night. Once again, my […]