Entrecard Top Dropper Day Blogging History. Are You In?

It’s nearly Top Dropper Day on Entrecard community. Are you in? Wait, you don’t know this big event about to be unfolded on Entrecard? If you are not aware on this, then you are just missing a big traffic for your site! Believe me. January 31 is the official Entrecard Top Dropper Day! What that […]

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Show Google Your Blog

Just a very, very quick post here while having my sumptuous breakfast .  I’ve  posted yesterday the continuation of our SEO secret topics and I hope you’ve learned  one or two techniques from that. I’m taking the weekend off ( you should as well), but I just can’t control myself not to remind you that […]

Make Your Site Visible To Google And Other Search Engines

Oh boy, I was busy for the past three days and time flies so fast. It was only 3 days ago when I wrote my last post and now, weekend is almost here. A friend of mine is launching a business next week so she asked for my hand to helped her in preparing some […]

WordPress SEO Secrets

On my previous topic about SEO, I’ve told you 2 of my secret techniques that I’m using. These secrets are tested and proven already. I also wrote in that article that I divided the topic into two so you won’t get bored, but due to some pressing matters that I wanted to tell you, I’ll […]

SEO Here, SEO There, SEO Everywhere: The Secret – Revealed!

SEO, SEO, SEO. I’m pretty sure that if you have been blogging for at least a couple of months now, you’ve seen these words posted in almost all blogging resource sites and some “make money online” blogs as well. What is an SEO all about? How important it is for your site? Does it have […]

PageRank© 2 in 2 Months, Does It Matter?

While the world was doing the countdown for the year 2009, Google on the other hand was updating the PageRank. I remember it was only 2 months ago when Google updated their PageRank. Back then, Blog De Manila.com was just about to be launched and so it was still zero. You see, I’m a blogger […]

Winners of BlogDeManila “First Generosity Post”

As I’ve mentioned on my previous post, I will announce the winner of BlogDeManila’s First Generosity Post soon. I’ve already contacted all the winners, and they all responded, except for two. One of those who haven’t replied yet is the winner of 5,000 Entrecard credits! I hope he/she will  get in touch with me. Nevertheless, […]