BlogDeManila First “Generosity Post”

Let me just shoot a quick post here. Thanksgiving Day in North America had passed already, but BlogDeManila is just starting to be more and more generous! No, I’m not launching the biggest Entrecard contest in the Internet history but in a way, yes,  BlogDeManila is “considering” to give 5,000 EC credits for the month […]

Warning: Use PayPal “Pay Now” button on Ebay or else…

You saw your dream gadget at Ebay, clicked  on the “Pay Now” button and paid using your PayPal. You wait patiently, and very excited for the delivery of the item of your dreams. One day, two days had passed. You checked the delivery status and it says “delivered”. What will you do if the item  […]

Bad Things An Entrecard Can Do

Let’s admit it, Entrecard is now the “currency” of most bloggers. It’s being traded like a real currency. Most of the online contest are also using EC as their prizes. Entrecard (EC) is first and foremost a free blogging network that truly brings visitors to your blog.  You can earn EC credits which allows you […]

Free E-Course for YOU!

Download your copy of Discover The Work You Were Born To Do & learn how YOU can become an Inspired Entrepreneur, discover work you love & become your own boss! This is a shameless plug for someone whose work I think everyone needs to know about… Nick Williams’s book – The Work You Were Born […]

BlogDeManila is now a DoFollow

BlogDeManila is now officially joined the DoFollow movement. This movement is spreading like wildfire and this blog must be on the path of that fire. Blog needs traffic. People visiting your blog and encouraging them to leave comments can enhance your blog. Comments increase the content of your Blog, the more comments the more keywords […]

Earn Real Money with The Adgitize

Are your affiliate programs paying you anything? Are you waiting month after month after month to reach some ridiculous figure to reach a payout? DO you look at your earnings for the past year and see that after 10 months of showing affiliate ads you are at the wonderful figure of $3.15? Well, I tell […]

Contest: WMG Giving Thanks Give Away

Contest: WMG Giving Thanks Give Away Wasabi Media Group (WMG) announces our largest contest ever.  Almost $2,000 in prizes and everyone that enters is guaranteed to get at least $50 in free advertising!! The Prize Packs Prize Pack 1 ($1,000 value) – A Free Business Edition Wiki for 1 Year at PBWiki – Prize […]