Importance of Testimonials

When you’re looking for a product or a services, what do you look for? Price? Of course, that’s one of the first consideration that you have to look for.But, will you trust that product or services right away? I’m sure you’ll ask somebody about that product or services they are offering, or look for some […]

Free Alternatives to Google Analytics

Yes! These alternatives are free just like Google Analytics. I will not say they are better but are really good. Some have features that are more “advanced” than what GA (Google Analytics) can offer. If you are comfortable with GA, then don’t feel forced to change. These are free, so if you don’t get along […]

Google Analytics is now tracking Chrome

If you are not aware yet, Google Analytics is now counting the visitors that are using Chrome browser. Prior to September 4, Google announced that they would not track the usage of Chrome for some time. I guess they were in a hurry to include it so that they can get a glimpse on how […]