25 Classic Online MoneyMakers

Let’s review some of the online making opportunites possible thanks to the wonderful world of the internet. Sell advertisements of yout website.¬† Engage sponsors.Make money via commissions from your network affiliations. Build an online store and sell products from other entreprenuers. Conduct Internet tutor workshops for students, other small business owners and anyone who wants […]

Tips for Creating Dynamic Websites

I have helped businesses of all sizes with website set-ups and sometimes marketing issues as well – most dont’ have any idea the ins and outs of being “IN” the internet.¬† Whenever I encounter¬† small business owners, I always advise them to apply the basics of marketing to make their websites interesteing and effective. I […]

BlogDeManila – at your service!

I’m pleased you’re reading this first post of BlogDeManila dot com. Let me first tell you what this blog or website is not. This is not a news blog about Manila (capital of the Philippines), although I won’t constraint myself not to write anything about the beauty of The Philippines where I live, and it’s […]