Top 5 SEO Tips for 2014


Wow, in just few days we will leave 2013 behind already and I’m making myself ready for 2014. I’ve been (again) very busy with a lot of online and offline endeavors for the past months and I’m forgetting to update

I’ve been busy training for my run ( yes, I’m into Fun Runs and Marathons) for the whole year! So, I’m calling it quits, well temporarily. I’m taking a break and let my body absorb and enjoy all the food this season. :)  It’s already my off-season for the rest of the month until the year ends. I’m just taking it easy and relaxing.

While doing this, I forced myself to study SEO for 2014. Looking at various online resources and listening to a lot SEO, experts and of course reading the mind of Google (specifically Matt Cutts), I was able to compile the five (5) most important steps you need to do if you want to be ahead in your SEO for 2014. You can arrange them in no particular order but personally I want to organize them from the least to the most important. Again, this is my personal preference only.

Here are the Top 5 SEO Tips For 2014

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Adsense Now Supports HTTPS Ads

Https adsense support

Google Adsense announced today the support for HTTPS sites such as those serving financial service pages and e-commerce sites. Looking at the SSL-compatible ad code, the only difference from non-HTTPS is the absence of “http” in front of the script source, instead the source now begin with two forward slashes. Of course, internally to Google adsense engine, everything is different and only the engineers inside Google  knows what was modified and added.

<script src=”//“></script>

The updated Adsense code is designed for publishers who are using HTTPS on their websites. Previously, sites running in HTTPS doesn’t have the luxury of having Adsense on their site. If you want to place ads on secure pages, you’ll need to use the new SSL-compatible ad code.


For more information, please visit Google Adsense Help Center.

Send Unlimited Emails Without Paying a Monthly Fee

If you are into network marketing or selling stuffs online, there’s a big possibility that you have your own database of mailing list.

No doubt email marketing is still the most effective way to introduce yourself, sell your product or services.  Take a look at Groupon and other deals sites – these companies companies  are earning in millions of dollars by  just sending a very simple emails to their subscribers encouraging them to buy their discounted products from them.  You can see that email marketing works simply because of it’s high effectiveness, fast and the most important is – it’s low cost.

A client of mine from UAE wanted me to find a solution where they can send their newsletter to their subscribers. They are currently using a web based solution however the cost is getting  more expensive as their subscribers list is growing. So they requested me to find a standalone software they can run in their server 24/7. There are only two requirements they insist that I”ll focus on: 1. be able to send to emails to unlimited subscribers and 2. be able to use SMTP server on a rotational basis.  I reviewed a number of popular software for mass emailing until I ended recommending which I considered are the top two.

atomic-mail-senderAmong the two bulk email software that I’ve reviewed for almost a week, my client decided to buy Read more

Why Do Successful Online Entrepreneurs Choose Bluehost

A lot of successful online business owners prefer Bluehost as their number one choice when it comes to hosting their sites. Instead of charging you for each services offered, Bluehost provides a number of their services for free! In fact, Bluehost offers only one low monthly fee for their shared hosting packages. You can actually go here and see what their customer said about the services provided by Bluehost.

If your online business doesn’t bring enough profits, I guess it’s the best time to re-evaluate the business model you are using. There’s no denying the fact that there a lot of people making money on their online business. You can google and find out that there are already multi-millionaire because of their web based businesses. If they are making a killing, bluehostwhat about you? Do you know one of the reasons they are successful? They know how to choose the best web hosting provider that can boost their business while keeping their expenses low. If you don’t have much knowledged what is the best webhosting for your business, you can check this link on some tips to choose perfect web host.

Most online business owners know that having a successful web presence is more than just a sales tool. It is synonym to a business card, it must be unique and it should have it’s own distinguish personality. From the moment your customers sees it, they should already have Read more

How To Recover From Google Penguin Update or How to Avoid The Hit

To tell you frankly, I’m tired in catching up with Google when it comes to SEO.  Two weeks ago, May 13, 2013, Matt Cutts (Google’s  head of Webspam team) released a video outlining 10 points on “what should we expect in the next few months  in terms of SEO.”. My first reaction was ” oh no…not again”!  I don’t want to do mix and match again on all my blog sites in order to follow the “standards” which Google is changing all the time!

After being hit by Penguin, it’s tough to get to the previous position. I know this, because two of my blogs were affected.


We cannot deny the fact that Google is still the  king of search engines and we have to follow the order of the king or at least  keep trying as per Google guide line. And I’m glad I’m practicing what I’ve been preaching here.

Below are what on my Post-It  list on how to avoid (and recover if you’ve been hit) Google Penguin. Keep this 9 tips in your blogging heart!

  1. Have a unique and original content.  Use quality content. It is still the King!
  2. Keep your content fresh! Update, update, update!
  3. Reduce bad links or simple remove all low value links. Also, remove unrelated links in your website specially the links which Google webmaster tools warned you about.
  4. Start developing good quality links by trying to get backlinks from authority websites. Read more

How Importance is Continuing Education

I work  in a very fast phase industry. We just finished delivering our award-winning software to some of our customers today and we’re already preparing a new version. Not only one version, but we’re planning for additional version that will take us a minimum of 2 years to develop. However, the new versions will entail a new technology which our partners will just about to launch!  We had a discussion this afternoon, that all software developers and those who are in our QA department needs to attend a special course or seminar for this new project or else we will have a hard time to develop it. I am responsible in steering the team to develop this new project. It simply means, I’m also accountable to look for the best way or medium to educate my colleagues.

This same sentiments applies not only to Information Technology based company  but to other career fields as well. I was just having an FB chat with one of my closest friends in Florida, USA. She’s a professor nurse in that State. We agreed that  although we are not in the same field, we both need to continuously study to enhance our skills. She told me that even if she’s already a registered nurse and a professor in a foreign land , she’s constantly updating her skills in order to compete in her field of choice.  Aside from  attending seminars and conferences, she’s also a subscriber of Nursing 2013 magazine. I’d take a look at the URL of the magazine she posted in her Facebook wall and I’ve found out Nursing 2013 magazine is an  an award-winning how to journal, written specifically for nurses and being publish every month. It provides the most practical reading material for nurses. Nursing 2013 magazine is actually not only a post reviewer for those who graduated already but also wonderful addition to any nursing students as well.

Continuing education in my field is not really necessary unless you want to improve yourself or have plans to step into a corporate ladder, but Read more

Free WordPress Installation…Read On

I felt good this morning because I was able to clear (read “solved”) the webhost problem of one of my clients last night. To celebrate the joy, I woke up very early and went for a 5-mile jog so I still have time to see my kids off  to school.

To continue the momentum, I’m willing to install WordPress for anybody….Just read on :)

How to avail the Free WordPress Installation

Hostgator, the reliable host of BlogDemanila and a number of my blogs, decided to send out 35% off coupon for the remaining days of the month. In case you didn’t receive their latest coupon code, it is FEB35 and it expires on 02/28/2013.

Hostgator 35% Off Coupon Code

After purchasing the web hosting through this blog, simply submit to me the login information  that Hostgator will send you and I’ll install WordPress for free! Additionally, I can also install any theme you want (if you have a copy or let’s just grab any free theme from – no modification) plus these indispensable plugins; All In One SEO Pack, and Google XML Sitemap.

I’ll email you the WordPress credentials (username and password) and you can begin blogging right away!  By the way, make sure you have your domain already. Let me know if you don’t have one.

Again, grab now the 35% OFF from Hostgator. I assure you won’t regret hosting your blogs on them because I’ve been using their services since 2007! I’m a living testimony’s to Hostgator’s hosting capabilities :) Related Posts Widget for Blogs by LinkWithin